How Instagram Is Used For Social Media Marketing

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Apparently, Instagram is no longer just for personal use. It is now a worldwide network that makes it possible for brands to humanize their content, employ new talent, highlight products, and services, and empower the audience.

In addition, Instagram users are not just active, they are engaged. Approximately 60% of the active users visit Instagram daily, and 21% say they update it weekly. Instagram will also help you raise your brand awareness and launch new products and services. It enables you to promote your business in a fun yet authentic way without hard selling. So, we listed down some tips on how you can have an effective Instagram marketing strategy.

Important Tips to Have Successful Instagram Marketing

  • Know your Instagram Audience

Identify the audience that you want to target before you start your Instagram marketing. Whether you have other marketing strategies in place you can rely on those to keep your efforts aligned with your existing strategy. 

Don’t forget to consider factors such as age, location, gender, income, interests, and more. You may also take a look at the followers of your competitors, it is also an easy way to identify your target audience.

  • Create Sponsored Ads

When you create sponsored ads, you can also actually control how much you’d like to spend on them by setting an ad budget. You can highlight only one sponsored ad or multiple with Instagram’s carousel post functionality.

Brands can promote their posts to anyone who matches their intended audience to broaden their reach more than ever before. This offers the opportunity for brands to target their audience in a whole new way. Sponsored Ads can appear on the news feed or in InstaStory. 

  • Use Hashtags Effectively

Instagram feeds are still evolving, which makes sense given that there’s 80 million content shared every day. With that much content posted daily, it can be a challenge for an account to get noticed. So, this is where hashtags are useful.

Instagram hashtags integrate posts from a wide range of users into a single feed. It’s effortless to use hashtags. Simply create or generate relevant hashtags with the use of characters, numbers, or emojis; up to thirty hashtags can be added to the caption. Just take note, for your posts to display on hashtag feeds, your account must be in public.

To carry out a new product, manage an Instagram campaign, promote an event, and capture user-generated content, many companies use their own or branded hashtags. If you want to do this for your brand, make sure that you’re not using it for any reason, and additionally, you can encourage your audience to use your branded hashtags in their posts.

Getting Started with Instagram Marketing

With the steadily growing number of users on Instagram, starting your marketing on this platform is absolutely worth it. Not only would this give the brand an extra channel to use when engaging with your audience, but many have also found great success with direct transactions from it. 

Instagram marketing does matter, although it might not be ideal for everyone but it’s worth looking into. We know it’s quite overwhelming to run an Instagram marketing but MECACA Global Network is always here to help you and plan a successful Instagram Marketing for your brand!

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