Post COVID-19 Digital Transformation

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may have affected the way most of us live and have impacted productivity. Yet digital transformation is moving ahead. With technologies increasingly more relevant than ever, the advancement of digital transformation is required, and many businesses are beginning their journey online. 

5 Reasons Why Social Media is Important for Your Business this COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Grow at low cost

With the use of social media marketing, you can get a lot of value for your money. Regardless of the size or budget, your company has the ability to expand your audience. You can achieve your goals through advertising on social media with the use of  Facebook marketing, Instagram, and TikTok.

  1. Connects easily with current and potential customers

Social media acts as an opportunity for you to provide customer support, connect with your customers, perform market research, and many more. Your business will decide which social network has the greatest potential benefit for your company.

  1. Build brand awareness

When people don’t know your business they won’t be able to become your customers. Social media boosts your exposure among potential customers. It allows you to reach a wider audience without investing a great deal of time and energy. 

  1. Influence on public response to the outbreak

Billions of people are free to express their views about COVID-19 publicly through different social media platforms. Social media is an effective platform especially to business owners to spread awareness of COVID-19, as well as the public steps that can be taken.

  1. A marketing platform

As people are staying online during this COVID-19 pandemic, take advantage of the use of social media to market your products and services. Since most, if not all, establishments are closed and for safety precautions, people are most likely to order and buy online. It is also an easy way to connect with your customers in real-time.

MECACA Global Network, helping you during this COVID-19 Pandemic

Although these are incredibly challenging times for everyone, strong social media and digital marketing strategies can still positively and deeply influence customers. For your business to survive this pandemic crisis, contact MECACA Global Network and we will help you prepare for your bounce back after COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the difference between SEM and SEO?

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In digital marketing, the terms SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are often used interchangeably by a lot of people. Both SEM and SEO help to improve the ranking of a website in the result page of search engines. 

They have a symbiotic relationship with each other, and they will get you amazing marketing outcomes when both are leveraged to their full potential. However, what are the difference between the two?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to marketing strategies to optimize the website to a higher rank on the search engine result pages. SEO is less costly over the long term and helps build search credibility without charging you for every click.

Keeping SEO consistent with quality content development and social media sharing is very important. For short, you need to have something worth searching for.

The Key Difference Between SEM and SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), involving both paid and organic strategies. 

SEM is used exclusively to refer to paid search. SEM is a method of attracting traffic on the website through paid advertisements on search engines. On the other hand, SEO is known as the process of acquiring website traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results.

The Primary Definition of SEM and SEO

  • SEM is a PAID search digital marketing strategy
  • SEO is an ORGANIC/UNPAID search digital marketing strategy

SEM or SEO, which is better?

These two marketing approaches should both be part of the online marketing search strategy of your business.

When it comes to choosing the best tactic to boost your visibility in search engines, it is very important to evaluate your business’ needs. It is also important for you to have a full understanding of the differences and how you will maintain your digital marketing efforts. 

Whether you consider starting to build your SEM strategy or SEO or both, MECACA Global Network is more than happy to help you increase your visibility and credibility online. We have teams of professionals to provide a strong and perfect digital marketing strategy for your business. Contact MECACA Global Network today! 

Guides to Drive More Traffic to Your Website During Covid-19

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So much as we want to go back to “normal” after COVID-19, the truth is that for a while things will look different. Those companies which have shifted their attention to digital marketing are certainly on the right path to success, especially during this time.

As you plan your digital marketing strategy, you need to think carefully about how you’ll drive more traffic to your online store. Through the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic, MECACA has put together some ideas and tips on how to drive not only traffic but also sales on your e-commerce website.

3 Ways to Drive Traffic and Sales on Your Website this COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Time to create more blogs or SEO blogs

Blogs can help drive traffic to your website no matter what service or product you deliver. Blogs are especially helpful in getting traffic from returning consumers. As you will be delivering new content even though your product or service hasn’t changed at all.

Blogging will make your interaction with your customers even more personal. It can help to increase the number of customers returning. When you create blogs you can identify the areas of your expertise, and you also attract related customers to your business or brand.

  1. Optimize your existing website

Optimizing your website during this COVID-19 pandemic is very important as people are always active online. All actions to drive traffic to your website starts with the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Everything you do online, whether that’s social media, blogging, posting images, or naming items, leads to your organic search ranking. Experts claim most, if not all, of your marketing efforts, should be targeted to landing your keywords in the top search engine rank.

  1. Start an email marketing campaign

The total number of regularly sent and received emails reached 269 billion which is sufficient to show the value of email marketing. You can improve the chances of turning prospects into paying customers with the right choice of email marketing platform. ActiveSend is an online marketing email software that allows you to get great email marketing services at very affordable rates. It may be an alternative to Mailchimp and Sendinblue but cheaper yet doesn’t compromise its quality service.

Today is the best time to bring your business to the next level. Get in touch with MECACA Global Network and we will help you boost your presence online. Don’t let this COVID-19 pandemic hinder your goals for your business!

Create Your InstaStory Like This

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If you’re not using Instagram Story or InstaStory for business, you could miss out on a big opportunity. There are over 500 million users sharing 1 billion Instagram Stories daily. InstaStory is not just fun and creative, but also an effective way to increase your engagement, develop your brand awareness, and even boost sales.

InstaStory has loads of easy-to-use features that promote high engagement rates, from one-click polls to instant emoji slider stickers. In this guide, we’ll talk about some tips on how you can create the best InstaStory to improve your Instagram business game.

How to Boost Instagram Engagement with InstaStory

It can be great to decorate your InstaStory each week with some of its easy-to-use features to drive more audience interactions. This could work wonders to improve your overall ranking with the Instagram algorithm. Here are some Instagram Stories features you can use:

  • Sticker Polls for Interaction

InstaStory Poll Stickers are one of the fastest and easiest stickers for your followers to get participated in, giving them a great option for a quick engagement boost. It is a great way to drive interactions with your target audience because sometimes the easiest ones perform best.

As a brand, you can take advantage of this opportunity to ask your audience questions like which color they prefer, what things they use for certain situations, or by digging into current events that match with the principles of your business.

  • Emoji Slider Questions

Emoji Slider Questions Stickers are another quick opportunity for InstaStory interaction. They are not only useful for having a fast response, but they can also be used more creatively. 

In order to make viewers feel personally involved, this innovative approach is perfect, because they are more likely to engage with your content and pay attention to any product recommendations.

  • Ask Us Anything/Questions Sticker

Ask Me/Us Anything or Questions stickers have been extremely popular since Instagram released this feature, as they are awesome for encouraging more interactions. Question stickers are a great way to encourage timely responses from your audience, from collecting reviews on products to answering questions for a question and answer.

You can easily reply and answer any questions via DM or in a new Instagram Story for a better user experience. 

  • Quiz Sticker

Quiz stickers are a great choice if you’re looking for a fast and fun way to encourage more clicks from your followers. They could also be a fun and light-hearted way to share the story of your company or information about the launch of a new product. You can share a Quiz Sticker about your company, such as what is your mission or what year you’ve started as a brand.

  • Go Live

If you’re searching for an immediate engagement boost, going live through Instagram Stories can be a great Instagram marketing strategy. This is not only a fantastic way to attract the attention of your followers, but it is also an excellent avenue to promote loads of questions and feedback.

In addition, going live prompts a notification to followers who at that time are using the app. So it’s worth going live when most of your followers are online.

  • Record Interesting Moments and Events

It may sound like a pretty simple suggestion, but one of the easiest ways to increase your InstaStory views is by consistently posting. Aside from highlighting your products and services and posting engagement stickers, you can also record and share interesting moments and events on your business. This will give your followers an idea of who you are as a brand.

The more consistently you post on your InstaStories, the more likely you catch your followers’ attention.

  • Hire a Talented Admin

Doing these InstaStory tips can be burdensome especially when you have to do all these things at the top of other important business things. Hiring a talented admin or a content creator with good words is one of the savviest decisions to pull off a successful Instagram marketing.

InstaStory is one of the best channels to drive interaction, create brand awareness, drive traffic, and even generate e-commerce sales. Take advantage of the easy-to-use features of Instagram Stories and have a strong and credible brand!

Digital Marketing Challenges: Converting Leads

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Even if you already have a complete plan in place that sets out how leads can be generated and converted, there is still a range of digital marketing challenges that your business will face along the way. When it comes to attracting fresh customers, sales lead generation and conversion are the names of the game.

In order to attract customer attention, businesses use a variety of strategies and methods, directing potential future customers through the sales cycle. It is very crucial to have this part of the marketing and sales process effectively. We have listed the common problems in digital marketing and digital marketing solutions when it comes to converting leads. This would help many businesses to avoid these digital marketing challenges. 

Digital Marketing Challenges Businesses Facing When it Comes with Converting Leads

  1. Lack of Own Product Knowledge

Knowing your products and services is an essential sales and marketing skill. Understanding the features of your products enables you to reliably and eloquently present their benefits. Customers are more likely to trust brands that express confidence in themselves and in what they offer. You can build this confidence and convert more leads by increasing your knowledge of your own products or services.

To learn about your products and services, use traditional and innovative information resources. Having enough knowledge about what you offer as a brand will help you generate and convert more leads. Not just that, but also, it will give credibility to your company and many people will trust you. 

  1. Do Not Have a Good Funnel System

Having a good funnel system is probably the most important part of converting leads. This is also one of the most challenging parts of the process if there’s miscommunication between the sales and marketing team. But by categorizing your leads into marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs) you can increase and improve your conversion rate. 

Data will help you to understand how well your online lead conversion processes work. You can use analytics tools that display how many leads at each stage of the sales funnel are entering your CRM system and how many of them eventually convert to paying customers. Through this, you can easily identify which part of your funnel is leaking. This helps you to concentrate on reaching out to certain leads in order to make them more likely to convert.

This might be quite overwhelming, getting through different digital marketing challenges. On the brighter side, this will help and prevent you from doing these problems and mistakes in the future. Reassess your digital marketing now to know which part of the strategy you have to focus on and improve more.

When to Use Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

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Search Engine Marketing or SEM is one of the powerful digital marketing strategies. SEM is used to increase your visibility or top the search engine result page. Through this, you will be able to acquire more traffic on your website easily. 

Search engine marketing is often referred to as alternately as pay per click (PPC). However, the questions are what are the benefits and when to use SEM? 

Benefits of SEM to your Business

Today, you can see a lot of competitors online, and running an SEM campaign is the smartest move to compete with your rivals.

With an increasing number of customers searching and shopping online, search engine marketing has become the key online marketing technique to expand the reach of a company. That is why it is important to know when to use Search Engine Marketing and it’s benefits.

  1. Advertise directly to your potential customers

Providing the searchers with appropriate information at the very moment they need it promotes click-throughs and enhances the opportunity to turn them into paying customers. SEM campaigns have shown up to five times as much ROI as other online advertising platforms. 

SEM gives you the choice to target a market as large or as narrow as you would like.

  1. Generate immediate result

Increasing your visibility in search engines can be done it two ways – SEM and SEO or unpaid search engine marketing. Search engine marketing or PPC ads get your company up on Google’s first page fast and easy. Organic or unpaid search engine marketing (SEO) is just limited. However, as soon as you opt-out of your SEM campaign, the SEO will come into play.  

  1. Maximize your Ads spend

PPC will only count against your budget when a customer clicks your advertisement. This pricing structure makes PPC the most effective ROI for online Ads and ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. 

  1. Flexible budgeting

SEM campaigns provide great flexibility in setting a budget. When you see good results and you want to run a promotion and increase your efforts, all you need to do is raise your budget or add additional keywords. It increases the number of times your Ads are viewed, and therefore increases the efficiency of your campaign.

Start your Search Engine Marketing campaign with MECACA

MECACA Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency in Malaysia trusted by a lot of business owners around the globe. We have teams of dedicated and experienced individuals that will help you level up your business online. Contact MECACA Global Network today!

What is Online Reputation Management?

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Online Reputation Management, or ORM, is a multi-faceted approach designed to establish a positive public perception of a brand, company, or person. Reputation Management involves monitoring reputations, answering any content or customer reviews that may damage the brand. It also includes using strategies to prevent and solve issues that could harm the credibility of an entity.

Online reputation management means managing your online image to protect the growth and success of your business. When your business has an online presence, you have to keep an eye on what is being said about your brand online. So you can use this information to build a strategy to solve the negative ones.

The Importance of Reputation Management for Your Online Business

  • Impact on Customers Buying Decisions

The lack of online reputation management on your strategy will potentially cost you your customer base. As 81% of consumers are doing online research before making purchases, the way you look online is the make-it-or-break-it element in their final decision. And with 88% of buyers reading reviews to decide whether your business is trustworthy.

  • It Is the Digital Version of Word-of-mouth

Many customers regard reviews online as personal recommendations and value them as much as a friend’s advice. It is wonderful when you get excellent reviews. However, what happens, when someone posts a well-grounded negative review is that it spreads like wildfire can be an absolute explosion.

  • No “Delete” Button for Negative Feedback

The internet almost keeps everything. It is possible that whatever people think about your business online will stay online. Yet you actually have a chance of altering the negative opinion on your brand. 

By using an appropriate response, you can actually turn an unsatisfied customer into a loyal fan. 70% of customers who complained yet received a satisfying response from you will come back and do business again, as shown in a Lee Resource research. In addition, a study released by Harvard Business Review found that customers whose issues have been addressed in less than 5 minutes tend to spend more future purchases from your business.

  • You Can Receive Valuable and Useful Reviews

Monitoring is an integral part of managing your reputation online. You may start to gather some valuable insights about your product or services from customer satisfaction and reviews. You should pay attention to what your customers have to say about your brand before doing any polls, surveys, and running around the globe for customer reviews.

Your Reputation Matters The Most

Online reviews and feedback are becoming even more popular in search and other fields. It’s more important than ever to create a trustworthy reputation and sustain customer trust. Here at MECACA Global Network, your online presence, and business reputation are important to us. We transform ground public relation works into the online world. We provide online reputation management services that will surely protect your image and business ethics, growth, and success of your online branding. Get in touch with us and take care of your reputation online!

Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Increase Followers

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Instagram has become a pillar of the social presence of many brands, driving profitable traffic to landing pages, increasing conversions, and creating an engaging audience. In fact, there are over 1 billion monthly active users, and more than 80% of accounts now on Instagram following a business.

If your Instagram presence is not as powerful as you think, it could be time to learn how to strengthen your social media marketing strategy to get real and organic followers on Instagram. The bigger your following grows, the more opportunities you have to connect with users and develop unique experiences for them. So we listed down some tips on how you can optimize your Instagram account to increase your followers in just simple ways.

Simple Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

  • Create a Great Instagram Bio and Profile

When people check your brand on Instagram, the first thing they see is your bio. In order to get more Instagram followers, you need to make an enticing bio. Having an attractive bio can capture the user’s attention. This will encourage them to further check out your profile, and so many of them will end up following you.

  • Share Quality Content/Photos with a Strong Brand Aesthetic

Instagram is a social media network that mainly focuses on visual content. Therefore, on Instagram, looks really matter. Your Instagram aesthetic should strongly reflect overall who you are as a brand. This is the first chance to give any would-be follower a great and lasting impression.

If you are not that creative and not into taking great photos, you might consider hiring talented photographers and a content creator. These talented individuals can produce great content from out of the box caption to amazing photos that will surely engage your target audience. Your Instagram account is your portfolio, so having quality photos and the content will strengthen your brand and attract more followers. 

  • Update your InstaStory Often

One of the best ways to optimize and grow your Instagram is to be consistent. Consistently posting content on your Instagram feed and InstaStory. Instagram Stories are both an incredibly effective tool for your social media marketing and personal branding.

You have to post new content preferably between 1 to 7 stories every day to keep your audience engaged since Instagram stories only last for 24hrs. The more InstaStories top the posting on your Instagram feed and adding hashtags and location stickers the more they get impressions and reach your target audience.

  • Use IGTV

IGTV or Instagram TV is intended for sharing and watching long-form videos. It’s similar to InstaStory, except that your videos will stay on your channel forever. For content creators and businesses, IGTV is a game-changer for leveraging video content.

With its support for long-form video, IGTV provides more opportunities to create additional user traffic, thus increasing the visibility of the brand and also your products and services. Studies have also shown that online video viewership is increasingly growing, with a predicted number surpassing 236 million in 2020. This shows that IGTV will go a long way towards helping businesses develop their efforts and reach for social media marketing.

Building a fully optimized Instagram profile able to engage Instagram users will take a coordinated plan of attack and more patience. Instagram continues to rise in user popularity, so taking advantage of these tips to increase your followers will help you expand your reach. So, if you’re ready to back up your Instagram account with powerful tools to increase your reach get in touch with MECACA Global Network and be a step ahead of the competition!

Digital Marketing Challenges: Generating Leads

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Lead Generation is a vital process in any aspect of the marketing field. This is what helps your business towards constant growth. However, it is one of the leading digital marketing challenges many marketers facing even with the plethora of lead generation software available. This is actually the greatest challenge for marketing professionals by far.

To overcome these problems we have listed some of the digital marketing challenges when it comes to generating leads. It will help many businesses reassess their marketing strategies and the team to avoid, if not, but at least to reduce the effects of these problems.

Common Digital Marketing Challenges in Generating Leads

  1. Wrong Target Audience

The basic foundation of every marketing strategy is knowing your audience. Yet, sadly, the goal is clearly missed by many marketing teams. Targeting the right audience goes beyond understanding the general profile of the kinds of consumers that you want. It is crucial for you to know what is important to them. How they make choices. Where they look for potential products and services providers.

One excellent way to know your audience more is to use reviews to deliver reliable content that leads to your website. Reviews help you show potential customers why they need to buy something and whether the price is worth it, while also strengthening the value of your brand.

  1. Lack of Knowledge About the Market

Having a lack of knowledge about the market is one of the reasons why your digital marketing strategy fails. Every company’s top priority is to stay ahead of its competition and to search for innovative ways to market itself in a new revolutionary way. However, it is impossible if your team doesn’t have enough understanding of the market.

The basic urge is to gain a competitive advantage, draw more traffic from the website, new leads, more clients. All of this can be achieved by proper training and keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing.

  1. Wrong Target Location

Facebook could be the largest social media platform and might be the best place for some businesses to generate leads. However if your target customers don’t spend a lot of time on it, advertising and creating a following on Facebook is a waste of time, effort, and money.

Businesses that deliver the highest and best leads fully recognize their targets, including where they spend their time. Forget about anything popular with the public in general. Search for social media platforms, events, newsletters, and other places where your particular target customers spend their time the most.

Advertise, establish relationships, and put your business in those places as a leader. Building credibility in these places will take time, but once you do, the leads and referrals will start flowing in.

There are several more digital marketing challenges when it comes to lead generation to add to this list, but these are some of the most critical ones we see marketers making every day. The common mistakes and opportunities above could help you prioritize where to spend your time and energy for those who want to get more and better quality leads.

Learn How Social Media Boosts Your Brand

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Social Media became the most powerful tool to market businesses in the online world. It helped many businesses, especially the small ones, grow and promote by raising its brand awareness but how exactly do social media promote the business?

How Do Social Media Boost Your Brand?

The main point of social media marketing is to make business brands increase their digital presence to billions of people and to gain customers.

Here’s what social media can do for business brand:

  • Social Media gets customers for the business
  • Allows you to build a good relationship with the customer
  • Targets a specific audience
  • Extends your reach to many people
  • Redirects people to the website

Social Media Advertisements

One of the helpful features for marketing on social media is advertisements. Social Media Advertisements lets you advertise brands on the platform. These advertisements are directed to many people, especially with a specific target audience based on characteristics such as age, gender, nationality, etc.

Here are the top social media platforms for an advertisement:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. Snapchat
  7. LinkedIn

Small Brands Who Became Successful Using Social Media

See these interesting stories from small businesses how they became successful with the help of social media.

Morton’s Steakhouse

Morton’s Steakhouse is a steak restaurant from Houston, Texas. Morton’s Steakhouse’s publicity raised when Peter Shankman tweeted about meeting Morton’s at Newark Airport to bring him a porterhouse steak. To his surprise, a waiter is waiting for him along with the porterhouse steak. Shankman shared on his blog about this story which then helped the business raise its popularity.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is known as ‘London’s first cat café’. Social media became a part of their success, especially during the pre-opening and startup phase. In 2015, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium already gained 50k active followers on Facebook, 10k on Instagram and 19k on Twitter. The owner said that they are active and loud on social media platforms, telling their stories and updates.

What We Have Learned

Social Media is really helpful for businesses, especially to small businesses because they are mainly focused on building people relationships. With social media, you can promote business with minimal effort and you can avoid excessive costs.

These are the important things we need in managing business social media:

  • Quality content
  • Clever marketing strategy
  • Active customer service

At MECACA Global Network, we are here to help manage and maintain our client’s business social media. We prove quality content and make marketing strategies for the promotion of the business. Check us out at MECACA Global Network and find out more!

Digital Marketing Challenges: Consistent Branding

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Consistency in branding is one of the digital marketing challenges many marketers are facing today. Branding is an important aspect of marketing. Without consistent branding, the company becomes yet another faceless name in a sea of advertisements.

How to build a strong brand? It is all about paying attention to all the details. Having said that, there are still many businesses that are not aware of the importance of strong brand consistency. So here are some common digital marketing problems and solutions on how to overcome them.

Common Digital Marketing Challenges Many Businesses Struggling With Consistent Branding

  1. Lack of Idea and Unaware of Trends

There is more to discover, more to do, and more to control as the marketing field expands and becomes more dynamic. Although you could start with what seems like the ideal marketing team, holes might start to appear where there is a lack of ideas. This may result in below-average digital marketing strategies and poor performance. Carefully consider the possibility that your team may need some improvements before valuable results will begin to emerge.

As new trends evolve on the market, it can be challenging for marketers to adopt the changes and incorporate them into their current campaigns and brand. While embracing these changes for their own advantage, it can be quite difficult to keep up with all the latest trends in social media, website design, and much more.

How to Overcome It?

Take a look closely with your marketing team and assess what improvements you can do. You may consider hiring an online solution provider or digital agency. They have a specialized team consisting of a content creator, a content writer, a designer, a person who focuses on tracking results, and generates traffic, leads, sales, and, such. These people will generate data on new ideas and trends available in the market for you, saving you a whole lot of time and energy.

  1. Lack of Creativity in Creating a Trend

Producing content is easy. Producing creative and quality content is much harder. It requires a lot of time, skills, and creativity to deliver excellent content and marketing strategy consistently. Unfortunately, lack of time and new concepts are probably one of the greatest challenges faced by many businesses.

Moreover, as the competition is becoming difficult, the standards of the audience are getting higher. Placing you under much greater pressure to produce not only quality content but truly innovative and competitive content and strategies consistently. 

How to Overcome It?

In digital marketing, there have been no guarantees. But one thing is obvious, if you have terrible content and don’t keep up with the latest trends, your marketing strategies are bound to fail. Every single post you publish must be as great as it can possibly be.

The increasing competition in digital marketing has created a unique challenge and opportunity by keeping quality and innovative content consistently high. Besides, in the marketing field, having innovative and fresh ideas is an edge.

Keeping up with the trend isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge about the market. It is much harder if other things get in the way, like actually running the business itself. To prevent these digital marketing challenges, outsourcing, or hiring a digital agency, like MECACA Global Network, is one of the savviest decisions for your business. Let your digital marketers do what they are supposed to do while you focus on other aspects of the business. MECACA Global Network will help your business adopt modern marketing strategies and achieve its greatest marketing potential.

Why You Need Business Social Media Marketing & Management

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Choosing a digital marketing strategy can be challenging, especially when you have a limited budget to market your business. If you are facing this problem, you might consider using Social Media Marketing as one of the digital marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing became an effective digital marketing strategy for businesses, especially with small businesses. Through social media, small businesses were able to grow and attract more customers. With this strategy, business owners can promote business without spending extra costs.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing?

Billions of people are using social media today. According to Statista, the number of social media users worldwide in the year 2016, around 2.28 billion people have at least one account on social media. With this amount of people on social media, you can get many visitors or even subscribers into the website.

It is also testified by small businesses that they achieved a successful promotion of their businesses by using Social Media Marketing. As the statistics show, Facebook is the best social media platform for Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing Benefits

Improves Website Traffic

Having many visitors to the website improves website traffic. Once you market the business to social media, they might get to know and visit your website thus raising the website traffic and search engine ranking.

Brand Recognition

Through social media, the business brand could be publicized to many people. With a clever way of marketing the content on social media, your brand can become famous. Many businesses practice the use of media such as videos and images to further promote their brand.

Better Connection with Customers

With social media, the business could gain more exposure to a billion people. You can have a firm connection with customers through social media platforms. Being active in business social media promotes customer satisfaction.

Other Benefits

Some other benefits of Social Media Marketing include:

  • Real-time communication
  • Easy posting of media content
  • Turn a visitor to customer

You Need Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Now that you know how important Social Media Marketing is for a business, you should consider using social media marketing for the business. Using Social Media Marketing guarantees a high rate of success. Start your business social media now!

MECACA Global Network is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses with their digital marketing strategies. We manage our client’s business social media and provide only the high-quality content and best experience for the customers. Focusing on the assumed target audience, we create content that will guarantee the satisfaction of the customer.