5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Online Reputation

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Having strong online reputation management plays a major role in a business’s growth and success. Many people today trust online search as a method more than any other online or offline source to collect information about a business. 

Businesses that choose to add Online Reputation Management to their strategy for the benefit of their business should be aware of it’s do’s and don’ts. Many businesses make mistakes that are too important to overlook, and that could significantly impact and ruin your online reputation. As a business owner, you need to keep your company in check to prevent these common online reputation management mistakes.

Don’t Let These 5 Mistakes Ruin Your Brand Online Reputation

  1. Mistreating Your Customers

The main purpose of your online presence is to attract more clients and consumers. When you say something mean or inappropriate to one of your customers, this leaves the impression to your prospects that you don’t have respect. Even your products and services are popular and valuable, if you say nasty things to anyone, you’ll drive them away.

This is why the deadliest way to get on with your business is to disrespect clients and customers. Replying with arrogance to the customers and not acknowledging your mistake are both damaging your online reputation. You have to build a reputation for being friendly with whom everyone can feel very comfortable sharing information.

  1. Hiring Wrong People

You should designate people in the right position. Putting the wrong people in the position will mess up the job and cost you your reputation. You need individuals with strong social media marketing and account management skills. The right person knows how to handle them with care. 

Customers wouldn’t know who’s behind social media, but they really know that it’s you. Any negativity would point directly to your company’s online reputation as it represents your business. Hire people who have the experience and knows how to manage and maintain your positive business reputation online.

  1. Ignoring Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews

Always respond quickly and attentively to your customer’s comments. When a customer complains and leaves negative reviews about your business, other potential customers are watching and listening to you. If you ignore their comments they might wonder what’s up. Instead of being missing in action or just disappearing, engage your customers in a conversation. You can turn the customer complaint into a customer support opportunity by showing respect and care to them.

  1. Posting Sensitive Content

Social media is just like a ticking time bomb that is waiting at any given moment to blow. It just needs a little spark to start blowing up in your face. When you represent your company through social networks, you need to be very careful about what you post and share

Sharing about controversial issues, which have nothing to do with your business, will obtain more backlash that will harm your overall reputation. In order to maintain your business reputation, prohibit discussing sensitive content such as race, religion, or something political.

  1. Disregarding the Value of Consistency

In Online Reputation Management, having a sense of consistency is very important. Failure to commit to brand consistency through social media platforms and online review sites prevents you from becoming immediately recognizable. Consistency throughout online marketing channels allows the brand to appear more authentic.

There’s about 80% of people who are most likely willing to follow a brand or not based on the authenticity of the content. This willingness leads to brand loyalty, and companies that do not deliver consistent content miss an opportunity to gain customer interest and improve their online branding and reputation.

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