Get to Know About Article Marketing

Get to Know About Article Marketing
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What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is a form of content marketing that companies incorporate to advertise products and services to the potential market. The term article marketing is not novel to us, although its form has been changed prominently. Traditionally article marketing was done through print media as it was the only medium of mass communication.

Companies or businesses in an effort to increase their customer base used to supply useful content in the form of an article to leading newspapers free of charge. Newspapers in turn publish these articles and in return print the companies contact information with the article. For example, visa consultants may submit an article on the latest visa regulations and a newspaper might publish this article with the name and contact information of the visa consultants. Hence it is a win-win situation for both the players. 

Today with the internet revolution, article marketing has taken the form of internet article marketing. Companies today in order to market their services and products to the customers and to create brand awareness are engaging in article marketing activities via various online article directories like ezine and many others. 

By posting their articles in various article directories and linking articles with pages of their own websites companies can generate leads for their businesses in order to flourish. Some online marketers often in order to maximize their online article marketing campaign results try to submit their articles to multiple article directories.

Importance of Article Marketing

As we have mentioned earlier, the internet is becoming a wider source of communication. This fact is in itself sufficient to manifest the growing importance of online article marketing. Companies today are widely launching article marketing campaigns to develop more and more leads for their business.

Before exploring more about article marketing, it is essential to mention that, the success of article marketing hugely depends on the strategies used by a marketer to develop and run an online article marketing campaign and as internet is becoming more and more of a social medium, Viral Marketing is becoming essential for any type of online marketing campaign including article marketing.

Marketers who want to market their products and services via creating and publishing articles online should implement an effective viral marketing campaign to enhance the effectiveness of their article marketing efforts. In the rest of this chapter we will explore viral marketing, its scope and its importance.

Examples of Businesses that Use Article Marketing:

  • Health and wellness service providers searching for new clients
  • Scientific journals aiming to increase subscriptions
  • Online retailers and resellers looking for new customers
  • Travel groups and hotels wanting to increase bookings

2 Important Steps for Good Article Marketing

  1. Keyword Search Optimization
    Thoroughly research keywords that fit the needs of your targeted niches. Find keywords or phrases containing 3-5 unique keywords, and make sure that competitors use the keywords. This ensures that the keyword actually has value.
  2. Develop Article Content
    Develop article content that addresses the personality and needs of your niche market consumers. Articles can be developed in-house or outsourced to freelance writers for a fee. In both cases, relevant content is the key component.

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