Freelancer VS Digital Agency: Market Research

Freelancer VS Digital Agency Market Research
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When it comes to selecting the right marketing strategy for your company, for sure you took which one to choose between a freelancer and a digital agency into consideration. 

No one succeeds all alone, and when you get to the stage that you need to reach beyond your business for marketing help, it’s important that you have the right people with the right skill sets on board. However, how are you supposed to know which one is best for your business?

4 Things to Consider on Choosing between a Freelancer and a Digital Agency

  1. Skills

When making the decision, you need to think about the variety of skills required to implement your marketing plan.

Since freelancers have usually worked in a few businesses before, they are generally well-rounded professionals. They have a reliable collection of skills developed around the industry in which they have the most experience working. Yet finding the right one can take a while if you’re doing the hunt yourself.

Generally, a digital agency is easier to locate, and can generally be counted on to offer a wider variety of expertise and resources in one package. Companies may guarantee the attention of a digital agency’s best and brightest and well-experienced staff. 

  1. Service

With a freelancer, the desire to provide outstanding service is naturally more personal. It means that striving for success is in the best interests of the freelancer. However, you may experience the common problem of them often vanishing at the most inopportune moment without a trace.

While with a digital agency, you can guarantee that you’ll always be able to talk to someone regarding your marketing strategy. When a specific person will not be able to work on your account, they will put you in contact with someone else who will help. This more centralized structure also ensures that a digital agency is likely to hold daily meetings to closely check in on business progress.

  1. Price

A freelancer won’t normally demand a full-time, in-house wage and could give a per-project price per hour. This allows you to pay for what you only need, and nothing else. 

Usually, a digital agency will give you a flexible payment plan, but in terms of total costs, overheads would definitely be much higher. This doesn’t mean digital agencies should always be more costly, there are still plenty of expensive professional freelancers out there, so it may be helpful for companies to be aware of exactly how their marketing budget is being used.

  1. Perks

The benefits of client connections and employee engagement with your company are missing to freelancers, but that doesn’t mean that there are no other benefits. The main advantage of working with a freelancer is their flexibility. 

The benefits of working with a digital agency like MECACA Global Network for your marketing strategies include:

  • We have a philosophy of work that always aligned with our mission and core values
  • We have a better collaboration with other professionals in the field

If you opt to work with a digital agency, feel free to get in touch with MECACA Global Network and we are more than happy to execute strong marketing strategies for your business!

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