Freelancer VS Digital Agency Graphic Design

Freelancer VS Digital Agency Graphic Design
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Imagining the perfect design and layout of your business online but thinking which one to opt between a freelancer and a digital agency? Your company can operate with a talent pool distributed across the globe collaborating together. 

According to Fast Company that we are currently in the Generation Flux – a mentality shared by people who opt for a self-driven creative career. However, how can a freelancer or a digital agency fit in the GenFlux? We will talk about the benefits of the two and it depends on you what you think is best to do all the graphic designs of your company.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Cost Reduction

If you hire a freelancer and pay them for the job they perform, calculated by hours, this would significantly reduce the cost you’ll spend. One of the top reasons why to hire a freelance graphic designer is that a freelancer incurs fewer overheads than a digital agency does.

Keep in mind that in this situation you are getting what you’re paying for because this arrangement is made before work starts. This approach is helpful to you, as the employer, as well as a freelancer.

  • Flexible

The good thing in hiring and working with a freelancer is that you don’t need to worry about the logistics. Freelance graphic designers are trained specialists who fine-tune their working hours to your needs. A freelancer can be up for duty at a time of your choice, providing flexibility in work.

Benefits of Working with a Digital Agency

  • It’s a Team

The biggest benefit of working with a digital agency for your graphic designs is that you a team of skilled and well-trained individuals. A digital agency also invests with reliable protection in the latest software and applications backed up.

Through a large team of creative and talented designers, they can take care of all your needs better. Your whole project is performed by this group of professional designers, and it is more refined and reliable than hiring different freelancers, this won’t give consistency on the quality.

  • Efficiency and Credibility

Digital Agency like the MECACA Global Network has years of experience as we have partnered with and trusted established brands in the industry. We are dedicated to what we do and carry the core values of our company in every project we produce for our clients.

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