Can Instagram Increase Sales?

Can Instagram Increase Sales
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Since you already have an idea of how you can use Instagram for business, you might have been wondering if it can help your business increase sales. MECACA Global Network is here to answer questions you have about increasing sales on Instagram.

How Instagram Increase Business Sales

  • Visual Content

Instagram has been widely known as the photo and video sharing platform where users can share photos or any visual content. Business uses Instagram for posting high-quality photos and videos. Businesses use visual content for advertising their business, showcasing products they offer and sharing the latest news.

  • Share Your Story

Aside from sharing photos and videos, you can share your stories on Instagram to attract more viewers. Stories that can evoke an audience’s emotions are more likely to convert them to a customer. This will also help you gain trust in your brand. You can include call-to-action on your stories.

  • Increase Traffic

Users of Instagram were more likely to take action after looking at Instagram advertisements. With the help of Instagram, you can redirect the audience to your website to increase traffic by using high-quality images or videos with a call-to-action button.

Successful Business with Instagram Marketing

Here are some examples of businesses that are successful by using Instagram. These businesses showed effective and outstanding Instagram marketing. Check out how they used Instagram for business.

  • Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn uses the brilliant idea of showcasing products by using their customer’s photos. They take advantage of it and save themselves from the trouble of creating own content. This also helps them to build their brand trust.

  • Fitbit

Fitbit shares variations of content on Instagram. They post product’s photo, a short video or animation, and questions where they can initiate a conversation with their viewers.

  • Califia Farms

Instagram is the perfect platform for Califia Farms to share their natural beverage products. They make use of entertaining video clips related to their products and posts including recipes of customers along with their product.

  • Tentsile

Tentsile grabs the audience’s attention by stunning photos of their tree tents. They are engaging due to the posts of unique tent setups that never fail to pique the audience’s interest.

With a brilliant digital marketing strategy and quality content, you can easily attract customers on Instagram. What are you waiting for? Create an Instagram for a business account and start your Instagram marketing now. Share your stories and engage with customers on Instagram.

MECACA Global Network is a digital marketing agency that can help your business grow by using innovative tools and providing great content to the digital platform. We are specialized in social media marketing, wherein we use social media to attract the right customers for your business. Get in touch with MECACA Global Network to find out more.

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