Freelancer VS Digital Agency: Search Engine Marketing

Freelancer VS Digital Agency Search Engine Marketing
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With regards to SEO or search engine marketing and advertising projects, business owners have two options to increase their presence online, namely hiring a digital agency or working with a freelancer.

In the modern world, SEO is no longer a single-handed game so that outcomes can be obtained in terms of a great increase in SERP rankings, traffic, and leads. Additionally, SEO or search engine marketing is a constant process that involves almost regular monitoring of new initiatives and fresh efforts.

As a business owner, when you’re looking forward to growing your company you have to know the pros and cons of opting for a freelancer or a digital company.

Pros and Cons of SEO Freelancer


  • Hiring an SEO Freelancer is typically less costly than outsourcing to an SEO digital agency
  • Normally they take fewer projects or clients than the agencies
  • You’ll have more control with a freelancer and versatility than hiring an SEO agency


  • Most of SEO expert freelancers just deal with consultancy approaches, so you’ll need your own team to execute them
  • It could take a lot of trials and errors to find the right SEO specialist
  • When hiring an SEO expert, sometimes you still have to conduct training to a freelancer that might take a while

Pros and Cons of SEO Digital Agency


  • Outsourcing to a digital agency for search engine marketing is usually more competitive if you need a larger team
  • A digital agency would be more objective without any pre-existing bias against your business
  • They are more knowledgeable and aware of the latest SEO trends and strategies
  • SEO digital agencies usually consist of individuals with various skills that you need for your marketing so you’ll have everything you need
  • A digital agency consists of well-trained and experienced individuals in the field


  • Can be costly compare to a freelancer
  • You have less control over your strategies since they have their own
  • Less time to communicate, and when you decide to change your plan and strategy there is less versatility

Hiring an SEO digital agency like MECACA Global Network – one of the top and dedicated digital marketing agencies in Malaysia – you will save a lot of time you will otherwise spend on recruiting and training for a freelancer. This is also a more economical approach if you need a big team. Contact MECACA Global Network today and let’s talk about how we can put you on the top!

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