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If you’re not using Instagram Story or InstaStory for business, you could miss out on a big opportunity. There are over 500 million users sharing 1 billion Instagram Stories daily. InstaStory is not just fun and creative, but also an effective way to increase your engagement, develop your brand awareness, and even boost sales.

InstaStory has loads of easy-to-use features that promote high engagement rates, from one-click polls to instant emoji slider stickers. In this guide, we’ll talk about some tips on how you can create the best InstaStory to improve your Instagram business game.

How to Boost Instagram Engagement with InstaStory

It can be great to decorate your InstaStory each week with some of its easy-to-use features to drive more audience interactions. This could work wonders to improve your overall ranking with the Instagram algorithm. Here are some Instagram Stories features you can use:

  • Sticker Polls for Interaction

InstaStory Poll Stickers are one of the fastest and easiest stickers for your followers to get participated in, giving them a great option for a quick engagement boost. It is a great way to drive interactions with your target audience because sometimes the easiest ones perform best.

As a brand, you can take advantage of this opportunity to ask your audience questions like which color they prefer, what things they use for certain situations, or by digging into current events that match with the principles of your business.

  • Emoji Slider Questions

Emoji Slider Questions Stickers are another quick opportunity for InstaStory interaction. They are not only useful for having a fast response, but they can also be used more creatively. 

In order to make viewers feel personally involved, this innovative approach is perfect, because they are more likely to engage with your content and pay attention to any product recommendations.

  • Ask Us Anything/Questions Sticker

Ask Me/Us Anything or Questions stickers have been extremely popular since Instagram released this feature, as they are awesome for encouraging more interactions. Question stickers are a great way to encourage timely responses from your audience, from collecting reviews on products to answering questions for a question and answer.

You can easily reply and answer any questions via DM or in a new Instagram Story for a better user experience. 

  • Quiz Sticker

Quiz stickers are a great choice if you’re looking for a fast and fun way to encourage more clicks from your followers. They could also be a fun and light-hearted way to share the story of your company or information about the launch of a new product. You can share a Quiz Sticker about your company, such as what is your mission or what year you’ve started as a brand.

  • Go Live

If you’re searching for an immediate engagement boost, going live through Instagram Stories can be a great Instagram marketing strategy. This is not only a fantastic way to attract the attention of your followers, but it is also an excellent avenue to promote loads of questions and feedback.

In addition, going live prompts a notification to followers who at that time are using the app. So it’s worth going live when most of your followers are online.

  • Record Interesting Moments and Events

It may sound like a pretty simple suggestion, but one of the easiest ways to increase your InstaStory views is by consistently posting. Aside from highlighting your products and services and posting engagement stickers, you can also record and share interesting moments and events on your business. This will give your followers an idea of who you are as a brand.

The more consistently you post on your InstaStories, the more likely you catch your followers’ attention.

  • Hire a Talented Admin

Doing these InstaStory tips can be burdensome especially when you have to do all these things at the top of other important business things. Hiring a talented admin or a content creator with good words is one of the savviest decisions to pull off a successful Instagram marketing.

InstaStory is one of the best channels to drive interaction, create brand awareness, drive traffic, and even generate e-commerce sales. Take advantage of the easy-to-use features of Instagram Stories and have a strong and credible brand!

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