Guides to Drive More Traffic to Your Website During Covid-19

Guides to Drive More Traffic to Your Website During Covid-19
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So much as we want to go back to “normal” after COVID-19, the truth is that for a while things will look different. Those companies which have shifted their attention to digital marketing are certainly on the right path to success, especially during this time.

As you plan your digital marketing strategy, you need to think carefully about how you’ll drive more traffic to your online store. Through the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic, MECACA has put together some ideas and tips on how to drive not only traffic but also sales on your e-commerce website.

3 Ways to Drive Traffic and Sales on Your Website this COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Time to create more blogs or SEO blogs

Blogs can help drive traffic to your website no matter what service or product you deliver. Blogs are especially helpful in getting traffic from returning consumers. As you will be delivering new content even though your product or service hasn’t changed at all.

Blogging will make your interaction with your customers even more personal. It can help to increase the number of customers returning. When you create blogs you can identify the areas of your expertise, and you also attract related customers to your business or brand.

  1. Optimize your existing website

Optimizing your website during this COVID-19 pandemic is very important as people are always active online. All actions to drive traffic to your website starts with the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Everything you do online, whether that’s social media, blogging, posting images, or naming items, leads to your organic search ranking. Experts claim most, if not all, of your marketing efforts, should be targeted to landing your keywords in the top search engine rank.

  1. Start an email marketing campaign

The total number of regularly sent and received emails reached 269 billion which is sufficient to show the value of email marketing. You can improve the chances of turning prospects into paying customers with the right choice of email marketing platform. ActiveSend is an online marketing email software that allows you to get great email marketing services at very affordable rates. It may be an alternative to Mailchimp and Sendinblue but cheaper yet doesn’t compromise its quality service.

Today is the best time to bring your business to the next level. Get in touch with MECACA Global Network and we will help you boost your presence online. Don’t let this COVID-19 pandemic hinder your goals for your business!

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