Content Marketing Trends for 2020

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2020 is coming and there is some awesome stuff coming in our way and there are different technologies being invented left and right.  Content marketing will surely change so you might ask how can you catch up with these changes, well, lucky for you we at MECACA Global Network listed down content marketing trends in 2020.

MECACA Content Marketing Trends in 2020


The future is already here, with the use of AI you won’t need an actual employee in order to talk to customers, the more you can accommodate the more customers you’ll have. There are different interactive content you can use aside from AI such as polls and quizzes which you can use in order to gather data that will be used later to provide better service to customers.

Voice Search Will Evolve How Content Marketing Sounds

Don’t you know that Voice Search is changing everything? Yes Indeed, Voice Search has greatly changed over the last couple of years. Back to our phones which are in our pockets, from the speakers in every room of our home and finally asking questions to our devices has become the new normal trend.

Screenless search like Siri, Cortana and other more is something that millions do every day. Voice Search matters on several Levels:

  • One is for the faster interaction that leads to greater consumer retention
  • Second is it will base its content on how we speak, so you may want to adjust the content to natural language search.

Embracing Live Video

Finding methods on growing your business is tough, especially when you have competitors that have the exact same ideas as yours. You need to distinguish your own originality by the use of new platforms to attract potential customers. People are fond of watching video daily platforms like Youtube and Facebook, spending almost a billion hours. Most people spend billions of hours watching Live Video than pre-recorded videos and it offers you unique chances that are appealing.

Using the right format

Naturally, users would look at your content if they appear nice on their eyes, therefore, it is up to the creators to create compelling content that would reel the users in. Now these formats need to be created based on the audience they want to have so it may differ from time to time and not everything will just work you want it to be, that is why you need to take some time and plan your move. 

2020 with MECACA Global Network

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Content marketing will continue to become more personal int he year 2020, be sure to do researches on your target audience

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