Instead of Following The Trends, Create Your Very Own Trends in 2020

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We tend to follow people who are popular but what if you can be that person? Creating your own trend can be rewarding due to the fact that other people appreciate and start copying what you’ve started. Starting trends in 2020 really have no right or wrong steps, trends should be unique, fun and effective otherwise, how will your audience enjoy it.

You know who is your audience, so let’s create a trend for them!

How to Create Trends in 2020

In order for you to create trends in 2020, you should at least plan out on what form it should take. An example of this would be an object of something you want to promote whether its a funny image or video and then label it. However, it’s not as easy as you think, you need your content to reach on to others for it to go viral. You have to make sure the content you produce should be able to connect to your audience, therefore, you need to make it more interesting. 

You should also consider how your trend will kickoff. Remember, in order for people to replicate your work you should try it for yourself and put yourself in the audience’s shoes and see how this would affect them or what would they feel if they saw your trend. You should always be wary of your audience because without them the trend won’t be possible.

The Hardest Part of Having Own Trend

  • Right Audience

The hard part of starting a trend is making sure that it reaches out to the right users. The movement should start from yourself, everybody counts and if your competitors like what you’re showing they might copy it too and that is where the trend will start spreading. When it becomes successful don’t stop there try to shake things up a little by altering the trend because people will start to get bored with it after a while and look for new things that are still relevant.

  • Not everyone will like it

The most common problem in inventing a trend is that not everyone will like it, therefore, you need to make sure that whatever you’re planning to do is not too strange or wild or else people will try to find a way to bring down that trend. You also have to make sure that it won’t offend anyone so be careful with your chosen words and content.

Creating your Trends in 2020 with MECACA

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Content Marketing Trends for 2020

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2020 is coming and there is some awesome stuff coming in our way and there are different technologies being invented left and right.  Content marketing will surely change so you might ask how can you catch up with these changes, well, lucky for you we at MECACA Global Network listed down content marketing trends in 2020.

MECACA Content Marketing Trends in 2020


The future is already here, with the use of AI you won’t need an actual employee in order to talk to customers, the more you can accommodate the more customers you’ll have. There are different interactive content you can use aside from AI such as polls and quizzes which you can use in order to gather data that will be used later to provide better service to customers.

Voice Search Will Evolve How Content Marketing Sounds

Don’t you know that Voice Search is changing everything? Yes Indeed, Voice Search has greatly changed over the last couple of years. Back to our phones which are in our pockets, from the speakers in every room of our home and finally asking questions to our devices has become the new normal trend.

Screenless search like Siri, Cortana and other more is something that millions do every day. Voice Search matters on several Levels:

  • One is for the faster interaction that leads to greater consumer retention
  • Second is it will base its content on how we speak, so you may want to adjust the content to natural language search.

Embracing Live Video

Finding methods on growing your business is tough, especially when you have competitors that have the exact same ideas as yours. You need to distinguish your own originality by the use of new platforms to attract potential customers. People are fond of watching video daily platforms like Youtube and Facebook, spending almost a billion hours. Most people spend billions of hours watching Live Video than pre-recorded videos and it offers you unique chances that are appealing.

Using the right format

Naturally, users would look at your content if they appear nice on their eyes, therefore, it is up to the creators to create compelling content that would reel the users in. Now these formats need to be created based on the audience they want to have so it may differ from time to time and not everything will just work you want it to be, that is why you need to take some time and plan your move. 

2020 with MECACA Global Network

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Content marketing will continue to become more personal int he year 2020, be sure to do researches on your target audience

Watch Out For These e-Commerce Trends in 2020

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If you have an e-commerce website, monitoring the next big thing should be one of your objectives or else you’ll get left behind by your competitors. Luckily, we at MECACA Global Network listed down the things that would be next e-commerce trends in 2020.

Every tech company has already figured out that the future is in, the question is, are you ready?

e-Commerce Trends in 2020

  • Using a progressive web app

Users only want a few features when accessing e-commerce sites, they want something safe, fast, and easy to use. Using a Progressive Web App (PWA) can surely be helpful if you want your website to run on a mobile phone like what an app does.

PWA helps a website to be optimized for mobile, instead of having the user download a specific app it just let them use the optimized mobile view of your website which is fast and easy. Sometime soon PWA will become an essential part of the web therefore, start investing early.

  • Augmented Reality Shopping

Online shopping feels like shopping blindly with just only knowing the specs of the item you want, therefore, most of the time people avoid it but with the technology we have today, especially with the use of Augmented Reality we can break the fear of buying wrong things. If you want to buy a lampshade for your desk and you don’t know whether it would fit or not, with the use of Augmented Reality you can now check by having the item virtually be seen on the camera to be tested.

  • Use of Chatbots and AI

The best way to know something from someone is through interaction. Using Chatbots and AI to interact with your customers can form trust between you and them, therefore you can sell the right things to consumers. People connect with companies that they can talk to and that connection will lead your company to success. This feature is already present on some e-commerce websites and it will surely be carried on and still on trends in 2020.

  • Shopping through Social Media

Social Media websites are now multiplying and becoming bigger and bigger, the sites that just offer social interaction between users through the web now offers different types of features. An example of this would be Facebook, Facebook now has a feature for online shopping, job listings, etc. since online listings are now on Facebook, users can now be easily reeled in by just viewing the post shared by another user, it’s like free advertising your viewer automatically does it for you.

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