5 Website Trends in 2020

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Websites have really come along way through the years, compared to what we have back then to what we have today really had a huge difference in terms of appearance. Website design never really stays the same. They try to change things over time. One of the reasons behind this is that as a visitor we don’t want to see the same pattern over and over again because things would look boring and repetitive. As a business and website owner, we have come up with these unique designs that stand out to the viewers’ eyes and possibly become this hip new trend.

Do you think that website designs can do better in the year 2020?

Top 5 Website Trends in 2020

If you are a creator, business and website owner here are the top 5 website trends you should have for your website in  2020.

1. Minimal Design

Minimalist website design is actually creating a website and reducing it to the critical elements that are most important to the company. Having minimal elements on the web page and yet still be able to catch the viewer’s attention is a really genius idea.

2. Animations

Putting an animation on a web page is like a double-edged sword because placing animation on your website can be fascinating. However, sometimes it is being overused and the website would turn into an animated page where the user would wait for the animations to finish for his/her actions to be completed and that would be very boring for the user. Placing animations on the website is not a complete downside you just need to know how to use it properly.

3. Video Backgrounds

Having video backgrounds on the landing pages is a very neat way to grab the attention of the viewers. Having them only navigate to your home page and providing with a video allows them to absorb information about the site without them having to exert any effort.

4. Gradients

You probably already seen two or three websites that use gradient colors as a basis for their website design. Some people hated the new Instagram logo because they changed it to a gradient looking icon but now designers are basing their designs on that concept because with the right combinations, gradients can bring life to a web page and it will be more appealing for the user’s eyes.

5. Non-traditional Scrolling

Having a webpage where the user can scroll normally is well normal but imagine if you spice things up a bit. For example, having the user scroll using their mouse but instead, it creates this wonderful transition from section to section this will make the user be more interested in your website. This would also engage the users to pay attention to the details being shown on the screen. So basically what Non-traditional Scrolling means is that you’re doing something out of the norm in terms of scrolling.

Lining up your website on track with the new trends in 2020 will help you increase your visibility in the online world and attract more customers. MECACA Global Network is a digital marketing agency specializing in execution. Check out MECACA Global Network today to get you to stand out among the rest!

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