Be One of the WordPress Community. Say Yes to WordCamp Asia!

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Being one of the WordPress community will help you grow and support others. The good thing in being a part of the WordPress community is that you are not forced to do things and you are free to join or leave as much as you please. MECACA Global Network will provide you information on how to be a part of the WordPress Community.

How to Be Part of the WordPress Community?

The good news is that it doesn’t require coding skills to join. Everyone has their own interests and skills and they can participate in various fields such as development, testing, contributing and outreach. There are two ways to be in the community: attend a WordCamp or be a contributor.

Attend a WordCamp conference

One of the easiest ways to become a part of the WordPress Community is to attend and participate in WordCamps. There are various ways to participate in a WordCamp, which includes:

  • Media Partner – Help WordCamp to reach many people and invite them to attend the WordCamp
  • Sponsor – Be one of the sponsors to help a WordCamp to be a success.
  • Speaker – Share your knowledge about any WordPress related topic, and share your experience to encourage fellow WordPress enthusiasts.
  • Panel Expert – be either a panelist or a moderator in panel talks which has been a fun part of WordCamps.
  • Attendee – Attend and enjoy learning and socializing at the WordCamp

As of November, applications for a media partner, speaker, and panel expert are now closed. As for the application for sponsor and ticket sales, they are still available until sold out.

Also, don’t forget to follow the code of conduct during the event. This is for everyone at the conference to be safe and have a positive experience. Help the community to have a friendly, safe and welcoming environment by following the right conduct.

Be a Contributor

Even if you can’t attend the WordCamp, you can still be a part of the WordPress community while you are on your desk by contributing to the community. A large number of contributors have helped WordPress to improve through time.

Here are ways you can contribute to the WordPress community including:

  • Sharing tips and experience to the community
  • Contribute and test themes and plugins
  • Contribute to WordPress Documentations
  • Adding subtitles to videos

WordCamp Asia 2020

If you haven’t been to one of WordCamps before, now is the time to decide to attend one. Be at one of the anticipating first flagship WordCamp in Asia, the upcoming WordCamp Asia 2020. WordCamp Asia 2020 will be held on February 21-23, 2020 at TRUE ICON HALL, ICONSIAM, Bangkok. Check out the WordCamp Asia 2020 for guides and more information.

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