Why You Should Run Google, Facebook & Instagram Simultaneously?

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It is safe to say that Facebook and Instagram are dominating the popularity when it comes to mobile platforms and digital marketing trends. There is no doubt that running ads on social media platforms has become a norm for all business owners out there. On top of that, Google has already been integrated in our lives. Imagine not searching anything on Google these days – What does this mean? By running cross-platform campaigns, you’ll get a serious number of advantages. Let’s go through some of them.

Why Use Google Ads Together with Facebook and Instagram Ads?

Before we proceed further, it’s crucial to understand that Google, Facebook & Instagram ads offer different types of paid content. Both Facebook and Instagram give an enhanced presence on social media users. You can broadcast your brand to these users without needing them to search for you. You reach them via these platforms. That’s why we refer to these two as Paid Social. You, as a business owner or marketer, pay to increase your presence on these social media platforms.

On the other hand, when users search for specific search queries on Google, they’ll actively look for your product or service. Placing ads on Google is, therefore, known as Paid Search or SEA (Search Engine Advertising). You, as a business owner or marketer, pay to increase your presence on Google.

The Advantages of Running Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads

This is not the article telling you which one is better; how much to spend on ads, where you should advertise or which is most effective? While it’s important to know the roles of each platform and which gives you the best result, why not get the upper hand and make use of them simultaneously? You’ll get the best of both worlds in a single marketing strategy.

The number one and only reason to run your camping in all 3 platforms is: they are proven to drive more results. These 3 platforms offer different approaches to online marketing, cross-platform targeting allows you to explore your options. To get the most of it, you can try these approaches.

3 Approaches on Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads Digital Marketing

  1. Target Different Audience Types and Personas

    Your business will most probably have more than one age group and preferences. As we know, Instagram is a favourite social media for teenagers and young adults. Facebook is next on the list, whose users are mainly composed of adults. Finally, people of all ages search on Google, but the ones who are actually intending to purchase are principally young adults, adults, and elderly people.

    Try to run ads on these 3 platforms. Target them by using Google Ads, set the appropriate keywords, and help your business drive more sales. In the blink of an eye, your reach will increase by a lot!
  2. Funnel Strategy: Paid Social for Traffic, Increase Sales with Paid Search

    We at MECACA always generate traffic before driving sales, and we usually carry this out by running different campaigns on Facebook Ads; one for traffic and another one for conversions. Try using Facebook and Instagram for traffic and Google for conversions. In this way, you’ll create engaging ads on social media so that your customers get to know your business, and then you’ll focus on those who actually search for your products on Google.

    Facebook and Instagram will help users get to know you, but Google will finalise the process by assisting customers in finding you. You’ll love the result of this approach!
  3. Target Different Audience Needs

    You can perform interest targeting in social media ads. This also applies to you if you aim to drive traffic to your website. In this case, you’ll advertise products your audience may want. In Google, the users will be actively looking for products or services (either yours or similar), you’ll target specifically what the customer wants. The keywords are exact, and the users who actually look for those keywords are genuinely interested.

    By running ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google simultaneously, you’ll enjoy the perks of targeting what your audience wants and what they may want.


There is no must have platform to target anymore these days. You want to get your business out there to the people. Enhance your marketing results by utilising cross-device targeting (mobile and desktop), you’ll make use of both visual (Instagram) and text-based (Google) platforms.

There you have it. Create a campaign that suits your needs while fulfilling the needs of your audience too. Are you interested in more tips regarding your marketing strategy and looking for the best results? You can get in touch with our certified team of experts to know more!

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