I want to do all of my websites SEO myself. What are the best free and paid tools to use that will cover everything I need to do?

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The great thing about SEO, in my opinion, is that there are so many resources that you can do nearly everything for free. Chalk it up to link-bait, but some of the best tools are actually free.

Here are a some free tools that I don’t see in the other answers:

Keyword and competitive research:

  • UberSuggest: long tail keyword research. Keywords often don’t show up in Google’s keyword planner.
  • Word Frequency Counter: good for competitive/keyword research
  • Wayback Machine: check old or deleted pages on any website. Comes in hand for competitive research
  • Builtwith: find out what websites are built with (CMS, etc.)


Link Building:

  • Google Images: reverse lookup an image to find if an image or graphic you created has been used without attribution, then reach out to ask for a link.
  • Google Alerts: Get alerts when a keyword is mentioned in content. Google for citation link building.

Technical SEO

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