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Transparency in the Online World Reputation Management
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Reputation management was once the sole concern of large companies that had a need to maintain their brand image. Fast forward today, having a good reputation has become more important than before, especially in a world driven by digital communication.

Your reputation is how you are seen by others or as the old saying goes, “Your reputation precedes you”. A lot could happen when it comes to the future of online reputation. The one thing that seems to remain static is transparency would always be necessary for users to understand why their reputations are being developed.

Why Customers Value Transparency – Online Reputation Management

Businesses are changing their attention from being closed down and unsociable to being transparent. 94% of customers are often more likely to have loyalty to a fully transparent business. Being transparent enables a business to efficiently handle both constructive feedback and criticism, as long as it understands Online Reputation Management and learns how to deal with it.

Being transparent involves aspects such as encouraging people to talk about your products and services publicly and asks for feedback. Also, publicly acknowledging any criticism, and providing a one-on-one communication channel. For many businesses, this can be a complicated concept to understand, but this is where online reputation management succeeds.

Rules of Online Reputation Management

  • Be Well Respected

Experts claim respect is perishable and difficult to obtain. Above everything else, all of the marketing work and business practices should concentrate on keeping a respectable image.

  • Be Transparent

Don’t conceal what your critics are saying about your brand. Any criticism that may come from any product or message released to the public should be taken into account. How you respond to criticism can add extra value to your products and services and brand.

  • Monitor What Others are Saying About You

Keep an eye on your social media accounts for questions showing potential interest to buy. As social media has become a common venue for prospective clients to ask about your business. Additionally, respond to complaints quickly so that they do not grow out of control.

  • Fast and Respectful Response is Key

If a problem happens and you don’t have an immediate response to someone’s concern, you can simply answer it with “Thank you for letting us know. We are working on it and will get back to you as soon as possible.” and providing periodic updates when available is better than a late and lengthy answer. 

  • Resolve and Accept Criticism

Criticism is not necessarily from competitors or unethical attackers, but rather valid suggestions that can be accepted to make your business better. Use it as a learning opportunity to build a message for your audience that causes less offense or tension.

  • Learn from Mistakes

Any constructive steps you have taken for the reputation of your company and any effective reactions that helped regain your reputation in a crisis should be adapted to your future communication plan. 

  • Ask for Help

Here at MECACA Global Network, we are bringing ground public relation practices digitally with our Online Reputation Management services. When your business has such an online presence, we will keep an eye on what you can improve more. Get in touch with us and we are more than happy to contribute to the success of your business.

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