Tips to Handle Online Customers

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Online Customers Don’t Have Much Patience 

A study reveals that more and more online customers are getting less patient than before. Although the study was dated back in 2018 the effect is getting more clearer than ever. If you have experience in selling online, you know exactly what we’re talking about. The rise of online content, online shopping and more have taken a big portion of our lives since the past decade. The COVID 19 pandemic contributes to this as well.

For a long time, experts around the world have suspected that the information age has brought a change to our general attention span. One of the main reasons is because of too much information available. The fall is due to the sheer amount of information that is being presented to people everywhere. With so many things to consume, and so little time; our collective brains cannot keep up with the amount of information competing for that attention. 

All these little-little habits shape the way we behave in the online world too. We want quick service, quick answers, fast delivery and more. But not everything is bad and we can put some of these in a positive light. We can take advantage of this behavior and use it as a leverage to create a better customer experience for them.

Why Online Customers Want Everything to be Fast & Quick?

  • Competition – With so many online retailers providing fast logistic services, no wonder they will see you in the same view. This has shaped the society that everything they want can be as quick as possible. Companies are using speed as a strength to market their brands and products. As long as you’re selling online, they want it to be fast.
  • Short Attention Span – The internet is influencing our brains. A recently published study found that the collective attention span of people across the globe has been narrowing over the years. The study also highlighted the effects of an increasingly digitized lifestyle on our brains. 

Tips to Handle Online Customers

Bill Gates once said ““patience is a key element of success.” It is valuable then that we learn to develop patience as online sellers; not just when times are challenging; but all the time in fact. With that in mind, let’s incorporate these elements into your customer service.

  1. Develop thick skin
    Having a thick skin and training yourself and your team to not shrink from difficult retail situations. Some customers can be nasty, stand firm on your ground and view these customers as challenge instead of contempt.
  2. Right Mental Attitude
    Remind yourself that the shopper isn’t necessarily mad at you, but rather, they’re miffed about the situation. The right attitude and good amount of patience will help to prevent your buttons from getting pushed and enable you to respond in a calm and professional manner.
  3. Focus of the End Goal
    At the end of the day, this is your business and it is your journey. See these problems as stepping stones to build your business. If it is done right, they will turn and be your most faithful and supportive customers. At least you can use these opportunities to shape your business and build a better customer journey! 

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