Common Facebook Ads Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Why Should Business Owners Do Facebook Ads?

There is no denying that Facebook is the most crowded social media platform in the world right now. Many marketers have profited from marketing on Facebook and you should look at it too. On the not so side note: 2.89 billion people can be reached through adverts on Facebook. In Malaysia, there are more than 25.7 million Facebook users. So, make use of this statistic.

Facebook’s market share is closing near 20% in digital advertising. This makes it one of the single largest options for advertising, only right behind Google. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a massive leap of online sales and it changed the way we do business. Online shopping is becoming more common. Facebook’s advertising model functions on the pay-per-click (PPC) model. The reason itself is why PPC is important: it’s affordable, effective, and fast. 

Common Mistakes When Running Facebook Ads

Although it can be cheap and affordable by doing advertising on Facebook, a few simple mistakes can cost you a lot of money. That might be okay if you’re getting good results, but too many marketers advertise on Facebook without methodical approaches. They then find themselves experiencing the same Facebook-related blunders. The mistakes that we at MECACA often see are: 

  1. Low or No Business Value Proposition – Do start your digital marketing strategy that actually builds a sound business, with a great value proposition. Before setting a high ads budget, make sure what you are selling is appealing to your prospective customers. Because the sales generated shows your product is actually wanted by consumers. Facebook is a platform where you can reach a wider audience with a creative approach but it will change your business foundation.
  2. Bad Audience Targeting – Bad targeting means bad business. Imagine selling beef burgers in India. No matter how tasty your burger is, they will not purchase them. NEVER blindly use interest targeting and hope it will drive conversions. Targeting the right customers also means your ads get cheaper and that you’ll get a higher ROI as a result.
  3. Understand Facebook Users – This might sound a little crazy but it does make sense. We became Facebook users because we want to connect with the people we care and love. We scroll through the feeds to see what our high school friends are currently up to and stay connected with the latest news and info. We do not really go into Facebook to buy things. Knowing this, we need to step up our creativity and create ads that will captivate your audience.
  4. Bad Objectives – Not having a clear end goal can bring disaster to your campaign. Define your objectives. Do you want consumers to subscribe to your newsletter, increase brand awareness, like your page, visit your landing page or else? Create an ad format that will perform best with a clear goal in mind. There is no clear cut method for all. Your experience and creativity are needed in this area. If you are out of ideas, hire a digital marketing agency. Let them get busy with marketing while you focus on your business.
  5. Not Enough Budget or Quitting Too Early – At the end of the day, Facebook made their money by running a business and we are their customers. Marketers should not shy away from spending money in online marketing. That being said, your ads will take time to reach your audience as Facebook will optimize the ads to serve it to the most relevant audience, so that the ads will get cheaper for you. Always remember that you need to set up an appropriate budget so that you reach an audience wide enough for Facebook to properly optimize your ad. 

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