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Challenges of Social Media Copywriting

For those of you that work in social media copywriting, how would you compare it to other forms of copywriting? Do you consider it more or less difficult? How much time does it take you to craft messaging for those posts, and what kind of research goes into a single post?

If your answers above lean to a more practical side than the creative one, then you know copywriting can be tough. Short and concise, small but engaging. The caption is often overlooked. But good social media copywriting can wield good results and it can work wonders for your social content. 

Captions shouldn’t be tacked-on as an afterthought. A good social media caption has the power to attract, engage, and convert fans.

So why aren’t brands putting more focus on their caption content? This is because social media value a lot on visual content. However, visual content alone cannot be enough to lead your audience to take the action that you want them to take. You need powerful, solid social media captions that tell them what to do.

Where to Start in Social Media Copywriting?

  1. Research the audience to understand what kind of industry jargon they themselves use, what kind of voice resonates with them.
  2. Research the main competitors on each social media platform to understand what kind of content they create. You can then create content that helps you distinguish yourself from the competition.
    From their best performing content you can also get content ideas.
  3. Experiment on content type, format, and posting time. Digital marketing success is all about experimenting and iterating. That’s why even small companies can capture market share.
  4. Make sure that the stakeholders understand you’re trying to get better results than the external agency and help them with their decision. But this will require some experimentation and patience.

7 Simple Copywriting Tips You Can Use to Boost Engagement

  1. IN USE OF VERB: Copy writing is about sales in words. Therefore use language that generates action. For examples:
    – Get
    – Take
    – Click
    – Download

Bad Copy: Our antic store is amazing, come visit us now.

Good copy: Get competitive prices on ancient relics and treasures. Take a look at them today, come visit us at ‘address’

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE : Don’t make your client look stupid. Speak simple English. Words that are one to two syllables.
    – Instead of using longer words, use words that have one or two words. Example: residential property = home/land
  2. 3. USE QUESTIONS: Use questions to call out your market

    – Example: Would you trust this person with your face?
  3. 4. BE SPECIFIC: Remember it’s a piece of copy not a content for the purpose of entertainment.
  4. 5. CTA (Call to Action) –  is the only way your potential clients/customers will buy your product. Remember, it’s sales.
  5. 6. RELY ON PROVEN FORMULAS FOR WRITING COPY: Proven formulas like “PAS”, “AIDA”
    >PAS : Problem – Agitate – Solution
    >AIDA: Attention – Interest – Desire – Action
  6. 7. BE RELEVANT: Check and know what is currently happening around, try to use the invention to pull relevance. If you want to research on how to write good headlines or titles, try Upstract

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