SEO in The Nutshell

SEO in The Nutshell
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How SEO Content Works? 

SEO or also known as Search Engine Optimization is a process where you can help the website to get more organic traffic. The optimization process includes website layout, content, its loading speed and a few other technical and non technical aspects.

Another thing to take note is SEO content. SEO content is creating valuable and relevant content, in order to build a following based on trust. By doing all these, your website will use the details to form structured data. 

This data can improve your website’s search results. By constantly optimizing your website’s SEO and adding more relevant content; your website will show up in your targeted audience search results and improve your site’s ranking.

SEO in the Nutshell

Yes, SEO can be complicated for beginners and new website owners. This is why we at MECACA is giving you these 5 steps on how you can apply them now.

  1. Follow the guidelines
    If you’re WordPress, then do check out Yoast SEO plugin where it will guide you on how you can fulfill a post’s indicators. For beginners,  make sure your post comes with proper titles, headings, paragraphs and keywords.
  2. Keyword and Competition Research
    Determine which keyword works the best for you. If you are having trouble finding proper keywords, you can always rely on your competitors. The keywords that the companies you compete with are targeting to achieve search engine rankings.
  3.  Optimize for users and search engine
    The search engine is looking for pages that contain high-quality, relevant information relevant to the searcher’s query. By quality, you need to write content relevant to users, not just for the search engine. Always check on your backlinks, internal links, mobile friendliness and loading speed.
  4. Repeat Step 1 – 3
    While you’re creating new content, do check on older pages and posts to optimize them. Keep your content simple and easy to read for users. Updating new links or including new information can be really helpful over time.
  5. Patience
    Successful SEO takes time. It is not something that you do only once and just expect it to last forever. It takes continuous effort and you must always invest your time and effort in it in the long run.

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