Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners
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Small business owners do not have be imitated by the glitz and glamour of marketing by the big companies. With effort, persistence and a little bit of patience, you can have success in digital marketing and gain traffic for your business as well.

Learn how to create a sustainable small business marketing plan that earns new customers and grows your revenue for years to come.

How Small Business Owners Should View Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a great tool for you to boost sales and expand the market share within the local community first before growing into a larger market. It is the process of getting your products or services in front of the eyes of more potential customers.

What Are The Challenges For You?

  1. Smaller budget
  2. Lack of resources AKA manpower
  3. Competition from bigger brands
  4. Knowledge on latest technology and trends

Where To Start In Digital Marketing

  1. Optimize your website
    Not just optimize but also localize it. Website optimization is key to driving traffic and it is crucial that your website is optimized for local clients. You can improve your local SEO insights even further by leveraging free keyword research tools like Google Analytics, Google Trends and Google Search Console to inform precisely what local terms you should incorporate.
  2. SEO
    People find things online on a search engine first to find new products and services. If your small business website shows up for the keywords that those users rely on, it can mean more potential customers clicking through to your website. No doubt, SEO is a big part of your coming online success
    Remember t.o tweak the:
    On-page SEO is the process of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher for relevant keywords
    – SEO copywriting
    – Meta tag optimization
    – Keyword Research
    – Internal and external linking

  3. Set up your Google Business Profile
    This will provide Google and users key information about your small business, including location, phone number, store hours, and more.

Developing a small business marketing strategy can have a huge return on investment for your business. These include growing your revenue, earning loyal customers, being able to hire new employees, opening second locations, and more. Make marketing a priority for your small business, and you will not be disappointed.

If you need a trusted agency to help you in marketing, we at MECACA are always ready to welcome you onboard!

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