Powerful Tips to Run an Instagram Account

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Instagram has become everyone’s favorite social media platform, and as a result of its success, this has become a major marketing tool. Instagram marketing is an invaluable marketing strategy for businesses who want to get the best out of their strategy.

Being successful on Instagram isn’t just about your followers count. Rather, success comes from engaged followers and excellent content. It might seem intimidating to think about ensuring a successful result when you just started your Instagram marketing strategy. However, we have listed down some powerful tips on how you can run your Instagram account successfully.

7 Powerful Tips to Run an Instagram Marketing Successfully

  1. Use Ethical Marketing Strategy

In order for your digital marketing to be successful, you need to build value for your audience. With about 71% of active Instagram users under the age of 35, you should bring out content that is both a blend of entertainment and learning. 

As educational content is highly valued and is very easy to absorb when presented in an entertaining way, you would expect to see higher conversion rates as time passes. Instagram is full of creativity, collaboration, and engagement. Sharing insight into who you are as a company and your philosophy will showcase the human side of your brand.

  1. Be Friendly

Apply the same social regulations as you use in person. For everybody, this may look different, but let’s assume that everyone is a respectful, kind, and generally friendly person. Be flattered, when someone has taken the time to write a comment on your post and thank them immediately by commenting back.

If people will see that you are engaging with your followers in a friendly way, many people might get attracted and engage with your posts too. When you post, always keep a friendly mindset in mind.

  1. Relate and Engage with Your Audience

If you are newish to building your brand on Instagram, it is important to take small steps towards building engagement. Spend some time engaging with your followers and follow them back if they produce excellent content relevant to your field. This is an easy way to let people who are likely to engage in your content know about your presence.

  1. No to Politics Posts

Many users are drawn to Instagram for entertainment and social news but less likely to engage with political or controversial posts. As Instagram is seen by many users as an oasis where they can escape from daily life’s toxicity, worries, and concerns.

So if you want your audience to follow and engage with your posts, refrain from posting content about politics. Make your account and content healthy for everyone

  1. Post Creative and Quality Content – Video, InstaStory, and Photos

It is much more important than ever to have high-quality and creative Instagram content. And consistency is the key and you need to be able to regularly create content that your audience would enjoy and interact with.

Once you’re consistently creating content that engages the audience, the Instagram algorithm puts you and your posts in a better place and in front of new followers. So if you showcase your excellent efforts on your Instagram account, it can become an impressive portfolio that can open up new doors for your brand.

  1. Go Live

Video is Instagram’s future, and one of the effective ways to use video to drive engagement and followers and increase your credibility could be Instagram Live. Instagram Live is a totally unedited video stream to tune in and connect with your audience, meaning your viewers can send feedback and questions in real-time.

With Instagram Lives, content choices are infinite. You can host a weekly show, games, giveaways, tutorials, and many more. You can also highlight your products and services to drive more sales.

  1. Always Keep Up with the Trend

Instagram has evolved for the past years and is continuously evolving. Keeping up with the latest trend and new updates on Instagram will keep you a step ahead of the game. Since the new updates on Instagram are easy to use you can simply pull them off to your account. 

Keep ahead of the curve by keeping the latest Instagram trends ready to add to your social media strategy.

Start Your Instagram Marketing Today!

As Instagram keeps growing and evolves, developing efficient Instagram marketing strategies for your business is more important than ever. And that means getting a comprehensive knowledge of Instagram marketing and measurable insights into what works and what does not.

If you really want to run your Instagram marketing seriously, following the 7 powerful tips we’ve listed above that can lead you to success. And if you want to know more about Instagram marketing get in touch with MECACA Global Network and we are more than happy to help you!

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