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COVID-19 preventive measures would mean that many businesses, whether they like it or not, will have to switch to remote working or working from home. Although preventing further spread of COVID-19 is crucial, it will pose new challenges to many people and businesses across the globe.

We at MECACA Global Network had to adopt also to the new normal and working from home set up. So here are some of our tips to maximize and how to take advantage of the working from home set up to get an extra income.

How to Spend Your Time While Working From Home during COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, many are naturally dealing with bigger concerns, such as family’s health, friends, and funds. Many are taking advantage of this situation to spend their time on many things. Here are some ideas about how you can increase your productivity and earn while at home. 

  1. Take care of yourself

First things first, you have to take care of yourself. Use this time to be more healthy. Exercise daily, eat healthy food, drink a lot of water, take your vitamins and meditate. It is very important to strengthen your immune system during this time.

  1. Learn new skills

Think of the things you are planning to do before but you don’t have time because of your busy schedule. Now is the perfect time to do it. You can read books or do research on how to start and how to do it. With this newly acquired skill, you can use it to have extra income by having an online business.

  1. Promote your products or services online

Consider devoting a bit of your time to digital marketing. If you struggle at home with social isolation, then social media could also help with this. Increase your presence online by considering the power of digital marketing.

Does your website need some updating or you need a new e-commerce website to promote your products and services? is an online website builder, where you can have a professional website instantly. With its drag and drop and easy to use features you do not need any technical coding skills. is an alternative website builder to Wix and WordPress for a cheaper price. 

Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic with MECACA Global Network

Using a good digital marketing plan is perfect for reaching the audience during COVID-19 and alleviating economic hardship. Even post COVID-19, these digital marketing strategies can be adapted to be used. Contact MECACA Global Network and you’ll be coming out of this pandemic with a better online presence than ever.

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