What is a Business Website?

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A business website is a website used as a marketing tool for businesses or companies to be known in the online world. It is where the information about the company and products, services you offer specified. Through having a business website you are letting the customers and prospects know what the business is all about, what you have to offer and how to reach you.

Having a business website is essential for entrepreneurs, small or large businesses and any business owners who are selling products and services. Most importantly, your business website should have a detailed background of your business, experience and other credentials to give credibility and attract more potential customers to deal with you.

Things to Know when Building a Business Website

If you are a business owner and planning to build a website for your business, understanding some key points and steps in building a business website are very important. Here at MECACA Global Network, we collated some of the important information you need to know to make building a website process easier and this include:

1. Decide the purpose of a website for your business

Knowing what is the purpose and plan of doing with your website is the first step and important because it will serve as your guide to develop and go forward. By simply sharing the purpose and goals of the business on the website or writing educational blogs about the services will be a good way to generate interest and attract visitors to the website.

2. Choose a website management software

Based on what purpose you’ve set for your website, you have several choices in what website software to use. However, if you are planning to hire a website development agency, you can trust their expert suggestions on what to use. Here are the three common website management software most of the business website owners are using:

  • E-Commerce
  • Joomla!
  • WordPress

3. Choose a Web Host

After deciding what software you are going to use for the website, you need to choose a Web Host. A Web Host is a business responsible for providing the technologies and services the website or web page needs that is made available to visitors.

Choosing a web host will depend on the software management you have chosen and also on the speed and on the expected number of visits. If you are just starting a business website, you can start off with the less expensive and less powerful web hosting services but later on, you can step up to a faster and powerful one.

4. Choose a template and plugins to use for the website

Once you are decided on which software management and web host to use it’s about time to add functionalities and features you need for your business and the website. There are thousands of website templates available on the software and content management you have chosen. You can choose templates and features that best reflect the products and services you offer.

If you want to get a more personalized, attractive and unique template, don’t be afraid to spend a small amount for premium templates that have a lot of added features which the free ones don’t have.

5. Organize the website

At this point, you need to start what the website will look like and how it will be used by the customers. Think of the company logo and other visuals and designs, the menu selections you want to make available for the website, and information you want to put on each of the pages.

6. Manage your website content

Organizing contents for the website can be the hardest part. It should be convincing to the visitors and deliver interesting and credible information so the visitors will stay and read the content instead of leaving your website and move on to the other. When creating content, it should be in an advertising perspective.

Additionally, aside from text, you need to have images and visuals. It can include stock art graphics, images of the products, head shots of yourself and other members of the company, or other graphics that might illustrate the process or approach to delivering the service you’re selling on the website.

7. Populate and maintain the website

After putting the website on living and fully functional, run some tests and double check if you missed something. Maintaining the website is easy, you just have to regularly add content and update the information if possible.

Creating a business website can be exhausting at some point, especially if you are not into technical. Hera at MECACA Global Network, we can make all the process of creating a business website easy and convenient for you. Get in touch with us and tell us what you want and need for your website. Contact us today!

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