Best HR Software That You Cannot Afford to Miss

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Not all businesses can afford a complete HR staff; in certain circumstances, HR software or services can fill the role of a person for a much lower cost. Hiring, payroll, benefits administration, and performance management are just a few of the many tasks that the best HR software for small businesses can manage. While some suppliers have standalone solutions that you can buy individually, many of them provide all-in-one systems. Some even offer professional employer organization (PEO) services to small enterprises that require professional assistance with routine HR tasks. Here is a list of the top 5 HR software for small businesses that we have put together.

1) BrightHR

2) Bullhorn

3) Zenefits

4) Gusto

5) Rippling


“Well, Our company uses BrightHR as our HR software and is highly satisfied with the performance. The BrightHR platform has a lot of advanced HR management tools. It has a lovely holiday planner among its superb selection of staff management tools. Also, you can quickly and easily record absences and sick leave. You can scan documents into the system, including health records, and you will be notified when team members are scheduled to resume work.

The BrightHR system also keeps track of key metrics to assist you with payroll calculations and save you time on administrative tasks. This includes recording overtime, keeping an accurate account of both paid and unpaid absences, and keeping track of any incentives or other extra payments you owe employees.” says Mark Osborne, Managing Director of Windows Doors UK


We, at our company, use Bullhorn as the HR software to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Bullhorn offers a fully featured, modern applicant tracking system that may help you in keeping track of the applications you’ve received for open positions at your business and allows you to view all of the necessary information in one place. You can post job ads, view lists of potential applicants, and email numerous applicants at once.” says  Joanne King, company director at ICMP

He further added This tool can gather data on prospects and analyze resumes for essential information because it interfaces with platforms like LinkedIn, Outlook, and Gmail. It can also easily fit into your company. In order to locate applicants with the right information and the potential to be excellent additions to your staff, you can also use a smart search feature.


Zenefits is the solution to all our HR-related tasks because Zenefits allow administrators much more freedom to manage HR how they see fit. However, Zenefits will launch later than some other small business HR software, which is a trade-off. For employees, the software is still simple to use, but administrators have a steeper learning curve. Zenefits’ early phase will be well worth the extra work for businesses employing on-staff experienced HR specialists. In contrast to using a tool like Gusto, your HR teams will be able to play a more active part in employee development and give leadership far more comprehensive data.” says  Hamza Usmani, Head of content at Believe Money


Gusto is a cutting-edge platform for all-in-one HR software that has a simple dashboard and a wide range of payroll features. Payroll administration is a tedious, time-consuming operation for many businesses that carry the risk of costly errors and penalties. Business owners and HR managers can stop the tedious process of figuring out hours, rates, deductions, taxes, garnishments, and more with Gusto. With only a few clicks from the user-friendly dashboard, you can start a regular payroll run for U.S.-based employees who have direct deposits. If Gusto will handle everything accurately and your workforce is salaried with regular pay times, you can automate the entire process.” says Lauren Grey from Divein


Rippling offers a variety of HR products that you can choose to integrate at any time, and in my opinion, is the best overall HR software for businesses. It is quite capable in that it provides more than just fundamental HR features. You get applicant tracking, payroll, benefits administration and plan options, time tracking, learning management, and onboarding solutions in addition to an employee database. Even PEO and global payroll services are offered.” says Alex Constantinou – MD at The Fitness Circle

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