MECACA at Google Webmaster Conference Kuala Lumpur

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MECACA Participate in The Google Webmaster Conference Kuala Lumpur 2019

As a website developer, SEO and digital marketing expert, we understand that Google Webmaster Conferences are not just another annual event to add to your calendar. Google Webmaster Conference Kuala Lumpur is aimed to take the understanding of resources online which deepen our knowledge in business success in the online world. Even with our years of expertise, we are still improving to find the best steps are for your business by hearing it directly from the people in Google.

So let us introduce you to what is Google Webmaster Conference. It is a series of local events around the world and free to all participants. It doesn’t matter how much you already know about Google Search, this event which you attend will have specific tailored topics for you. Each Webmaster Conference is unique and it tends us as audience. It will deliver more topics which also include website security, quality analyst, technical solutions and many more.

What We Expect From Google Webmaster Conference

We can expect to interact with other influential regional online practitioners, hear the latest updates on Google Search, participate in discussions on website optimization best practices, and learn how we can enhance both ours and clients website’s performance in Search from industry experts and the Google Search team. 

How MECACA Can Benefit Our Clients From This Event

Why do we need to physically attend a conference knowing there is so many webinars, blogs, podcasts and online training are available? Well, this is a good question and for us, there’s no substitute for the real thing. When it comes to the obstacles of online world, even the best practices are constantly changing. This conference allows us to learn how Google itself is tackling challenges and solving issues. This type of exposure to different sources of knowledge.

We ensure that your digital presence will have:

  • In tune with the latest trends
  • Higher search ranking
  • Encrypted with better and higher security
  • Improved quality analysis

Compared to the online trend 10 years ago, a business digital presence  didn’t necessarily need to be technically advanced to be successful. Compared to now, you need a well-optimized website, a good search ranking, and great reviews no matter if you are a small business or large organization.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Google for taking this initiative to level the playing field and make actionable SEO insights more accessible to everyone.

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