Freelancer VS Digital Agency: Digital Marketing

Freelancer VS Digital Agency Digital Marketing
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Being an online business owner it is hard which one to choose between a freelancer and a digital agency to market your business online. You know the value of digital marketing for the company very well, as it provides growth and opportunities to improve your online presence. 

Without proper digital marketing strategies for your online business, you’ll be stuck in your spot among hundreds of similar businesses. However, the question here is which one is better, a freelancer or a digital agency? Which do you think is perfect to market your business? 

Advantages and Disadvantages of hiring a Freelancer

Here are the top two advantages if you decide to work with a freelancer:

1. Greater flexibility

A digital marketing freelancer has lesser tasks and responsibilities meaning that they can fully dedicate themselves to you as a client. Focusing exclusively on your business needs, freelancers can be faster when it comes to making iterative improvements and fulfilling your business’ requirements.

2. Lower Costs

Freelancers can be hired for a short and specific time or even per project. Thus, if you no longer need their services, or find that your priorities are not compatible, you are not obligated to continue to work with them.

Even though it almost always costs less than to work with a digital agency, this does not mean freelancers are cheap. Know that the rates of one freelancer may vary depending on their skills and experience. Well-experienced freelancers know their worth and are likely to demand more for their services.

Nonetheless, one of the most common challenges that businesses face when recruiting freelancers for digital marketing is the quality of the job and comes with multiple management issues. 

Working with a Digital Agency for your Digital Marketing needs

In today’s generation running digital marketing strategies for your business needs a committed team with long term experience. A digital agency with a team of professionals who can set the basic criteria to help pull results to increase your business rankings, pull traffic and leads and make your company notable online.

Outsourcing the digital marketing needs to a digital agency is ideal in such a way that you turn the work over to people who are experienced and those who are specialized in the job you are looking for; so your work is in safe hands.

A well-established and reputed digital agency like us has a devoted and skilled team of experts, like SEO specialists, content writers, back-link creators, and project managers that usually work with several clients in Malaysia and across the globe.

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