Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owner

Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owner
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Start Small with Digital Marketing

Creating a business social media profile, making the right content and planning strategy are not an easy task. Social media platforms are deeply integrated in our lives – it is nearly impossible for businesses to ignore them. There’s so much opportunity for you to get in front of potential customers.

Small business owners can see success in their digital marketing journey. It can be overwhelming to some new business owners when it comes to finding the right mix in online marketing but with the right guides, you can succeed! Over the years, MECACA Global Network has found the right mix on how to create a proven digital marketing strategy for small business owners. Check it out!

4 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

  • Choose Only a Few Social Media Platform

Yes, this may sound a little bit odd but this is actually quite necessary for you to save time and money on creating good content for your audience. Do not waste time on platforms that have little to no use for your business (due to lack the audience they are looking for). For example, if your audience’s demographic is on Facebook, then they likely are not on Pinterest. 

  • Focus Quality Not Quantity

Quality posts make a difference. We have found that most audiences are more willing to engage with posts that are related to them whether it is a promotion or providing resourceful information to your ideal customer. So before you post, ask yourself what your audience would gain from this piece of content. Is it entertaining, informative, interesting, thought-provoking, helpful?

  • Content Marketing for Starters

Quality content is content that is relevant, accurate, optimized for search and delivers what your audience wants. Some pointers to have when you curate the content such as:

  1. Attract a defined target audience that need you
  2. Inform them about your business and why you do it
  3. Engage and educate them how to use your products or services
  4. Generate leads and sales via promotion or problem solving content
  5. Turn that audience into customers because they need you!
  • Find a Good Social Media Marketing Tool

There are a number of these tools out there. We find that Hootsuite and ESMB are useful even to the seasonal digital marketer. These tools can help you regardless of your goals, including a few free and freemium tools for those on a tight budget. 

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