Difference Between Facebook Community Page & Facebook Group

Difference Between Facebook Community Page & Facebook Group
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Facebook is a great resource to reach different audiences — whether as a company, an influencer or blogger, an individual, an organization or such. Anyone who has a Facebook account may potentially create a page or a group.

Let’s look at the basics of Facebook Community Pages and Groups, the difference between the two, and determine which is more effective and which one to use. 

What is a Facebook Group?

Facebook Group serves as a forum for discussion and sharing information with individuals who share the same interest, location, or other common traits. For example, there are Facebook groups for individuals who work in the same industry, groups for people interested in travel and alike. The owner or admin of the group has the full control which posts they will allow to be published on the group’s feed.

Here are some of the main features of Facebook groups and it includes:

  • Group info and description
  • You can set up group rules and regulations
  • Moderating tools for admin
  • Surveys for people who wish to join the group – optional
  • Calendar of the events for the group
  • Change the privacy setting of the group – public, closed or secret

What is a Facebook Community Page?

Community Pages are a modern type of Facebook Page dedicated to a topic or experience that is collectively maintained by the community that is connected to it. Much like the Official Pages for corporations, organizations and public figures, Community Pages allow you to interact with those who share common interests and experiences. Unlike the Facebook Group, on the community page, you don’t have full control of the posts published on the page.

Some of the main features of Facebook Community Page including:

  • A deep search was already available
  • The Community Page content is already public
  • Users still maintain control via privacy settings

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