Customer Journey is Not a Linear Process

Customer Journey is Not a Linear Process
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The times of linear conversion paths and funnels are long gone in the digital era, and brands must avoid seeing the conversion process as a journey. A great customer experience can only be obtained only by delivering value and excellence beyond the interactions all throughout the customer’s chosen path.

The customer journey can be simple or dynamic, each customer is unique, with their own set of needs, desires, preferences, and behavioral patterns. Brands must see customers as people and each relationship must be exclusive. The journey is now in perpetual motion in the modern era, with the course squarely in the hands of the consumers. By doing so, a brand will begin to form meaningful relationships and become more significant in the present, multi-channel world.

How to Make Customer Journey Meaningful and Successful

  • Get the basic done

To have a more meaningful customer journey you must get all the basics properly done. From your website design to your payment options to optimizing social media platforms. These simple things can be a big factor in the overall customer experience.

Having clear and simple instructions for your customers to visit your website, on how to sign-up, navigate your website, and how to order will have a huge impact on building trust and loyalty.

  • Know your audience, products, and services

One of the most critical aspects of a marketing effort is knowing the right target audience. When you know your audience, all you seem to do will become more likely to connect with the people who matter most to your success. The more you know about your target market, the more you’ll be able to figure out how your product or service converts your audience into customers.

Additionally, by having a better understanding of the products and services you offer, you will be able to target the right audience for your company. Understanding the features of your products and services helps you to effectively and convincingly present their benefits to your target customers. Customers are more likely to trust companies that are confident in themselves and in what they offer.

  • Have good copywriting skills

Regardless of what products and services you offer, hoping to boost marketing campaigns and improve the customer journey, you can do these things by having good copywriting skills. 

The key to writing a copy that converts is to understand how to trigger the appropriate emotions in a potential customer that will lead them to engage and make a business from your brand. In addition, copywriting shouldn’t just sell products and services but should also educate, inspire and satisfy your audience.

  • Pricing is part of the customer experience

When it comes to pricing, there are always too many factors to consider, such as what competitors charge, the cost of materials, and the cost to market, before taking into account the actual customers who purchase the product. Although all of the aforementioned factors are significant, it would be unwise not to address the effect of pricing on the customer.

Most people nowadays choose to purchase an experience over a product. When a product or service is priced at the value point that they believe it to be, the experience is actually better.

Even though experiences used to be linear, however, they are now unpredictable. Customer experience is now the sum–the collection–of various moments, and it is critical that businesses engage and encourage their customers through those moments. Additionally, customers today are constantly sharing their brand impressions with others publicly, including those who amaze them and those that annoy them.

With these shared experiences, the most important aspect of the experience is quickly evolving to include not just one person, but all potential customers around them.

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