5 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips (Part 2)

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Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Business

In part 1, we shared 5 tips on how to use Facebook Messenger to have an automated conversation with people while having a good interaction that can help you to boost your business. You can take the next steps in saving time and eliminating frivolous requests. 

We have more to share with you, explore how to leverage Facebook Messenger using chatbots to turn your inquiries into a conversion. 

5 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips 

Educate Customers

Once customers find out that you have a chatbot, you’ll want to take a moment and educate them about all of the features. For example, it’s a good idea to give your chatbot a name that’s unique to your business. If your company is selling floral arrangements, then come up with something interesting that incorporates flowers and seems friendly to the customer.

Tell your customers what the purpose of your chatbot is. Is it to answer questions, suggest products, or just for general comments? Customers want to know why you’ve created this chatbot and why they should take the time to use it.

You’ll also want to let the customer know the availability of your chatbot. Even though it’s AI, you still want a human available in case something goes wrong with it. It is technology, after all. If Facebook Messenger something goes wrong, will there be someone right away to fix it, or will they have to wait?

Customers have made it clear that they want transparency when dealing with businesses. They want to know what they’re dealing with and who is getting their money. Make it clear that your chatbot is there to make the shopping experience easier, and that if anything should go wrong, a human will be with them shortly!

And finally, tell the customers what the capabilities are of this chatbot. Can it do everything from start to finish, can it virtually place a product in your home so you can see if you like it? Customers want to know before they give you their business!


Chatbots can retain a lot of information about your customers. Just think of the last time you looked at a product on a website and then saw an ad for it on social media. Just like cookies store information, so do chatbots.

And customers want to know that their information is as safe as it can be. It might be an added expense, but nowadays you really need to invest in security while creating your chatbot. After all, it has the potential to remember everything from what you sent your mom for her birthday, to your credit card information. Reassure your customers that you can be trusted.

Design a Chatbot Character

It might sound silly, but think about designing a virtual character for your chatbot. Just like Geico has a gecko, your chatbot should have something funny and interesting to keep customers engaged. And, if possible, keep it related to your business.

For example, if your business is selling baked goods, then perhaps your chatbot could be a cartoon baker. Or if you’re a massive online retailer with thousands of products to choose from, maybe just a witty shopping cart that can talk.

Everyone likes to have fun, and even adults would get a kick out of a cartoon chatbot interacting with them about the products your company offers, especially since so many of us find shopping a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. Wouldn’t a funny cartoon make it even better? One that can answer our questions, too?

And while we’re on the topic of being funny, don’t hesitate to throw in some emojis and funny gifs. Customers love to have a good time while they’re shopping. Just keep in mind that different people have different types of humor, so keep it as family-friendly as possible. For example, if your chatbot realizes that the customer would love a certain product, code it to insert a funny gif of someone smiling or grabbing their purse. Just make sure that it’s interactive and will encourage them to have fun and, most importantly, buy

that product! 

Combine with Facebook Live

Going back to collecting customer FAQs, consider having a Facebook live session and have your new chatbot interact with customers right in the comments. It’s a great way to engage them and respond in real time!

Once your chatbot is made and you’re in your Facebook live session, utilizing it, customers will see that it’s so personal that it can actually respond to pretty specific questions. For example, if you ask a customer what their budget is and they give a number, it automatically shows them a product within that price range.

This is also a great time for returning customers to interact with the chatbot, and for new customers to see how it remembers information. Which allows for easy upselling and more money for your business! You can also host a Facebook Live session for the launch of a new product, and unveil your new chatbot at the very same time. Use that time to educate customers on the chatbot, why they should use it, and at the same time get to know your customers.

Give them the option to interact directly with the chatbot so they can see how it works. Most people will love how personal a chatbot can be, and appreciate that it saves them time. And of course, be sure to talk about your new product!

Include Send Message In Ads

Anyone who has ever used Facebook, has seen an advertisement for some new product, book, toy, movie, or product. As previously mentioned, we often find ourselves on a shopping site before heading over to Facebook, and then voila, an advertisement for that very same product appears in our feed.

This is a great opportunity to incorporate a “send a message” button within a Facebook ad. Customers will see an ad for your business, describing what services you offer, and have the option just to click “send a message.”

It’s another way to streamline someone who stumbles upon your ad, likes what they see, and makes a purchase, all within a matter of minutes. This is why it’s important that you make sure that you’re buying Facebook ads for your business, too. And making sure they pop up where customers are likely to see them.

If you’ve never taken out a Facebook ad, there are tutorials and books out there that can show you how. Adding a Send Message button is very easy. Anyone who shops online and uses Facebook knows how easy it is to buy something, so why not make it even easier?

Conclusion on Facebook Messenger Chatbot

When creating your chatbot, just remember to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, the goal of chatbots is to save time for customers. Shopping is faster and easier than ever before, yet customers are still looking for ways to streamline the process.

Studies show that it’s best to keep the point of sale under five clicks. Address any concerns they have, ask some open-ended questions, and then direct them to whatever it is they’re looking for. Anything more will often result in losing a sale.

Be transparent with your customers at all times, and be sure to include an option to end the conversation at any time. There’s no point in keeping someone engaged who isn’t going to buy anything! Have fun when creating your chatbot and good luck in the growth and future of your business!

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