Why Are Your Facebook Ads Not Working?

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If your Facebook ads are not performing strong enough to build revenue, don’t worry, it is part of the learning process. Good thing about Facebook Ad is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in the beginning. Testing your ads in the beginning can lead you to many more future successes, but when your ads do not show result, it’s time to dissect the reasons.

1. Strong Competitions From Your Competitors

It’s critical to know why people would like to buy from you. Ask yourself, could people buy your product, or one that looks almost exactly like it, somewhere else? Analyze it without bias because you need to have a solid answer to why someone should buy from you. If the price is your top hurdle for customers, you probably will face a big issue. Good thing is, once you find your own unique selling point, writing an ad copy can be so much easier.

2. Poor Image Quality

Have a designer to create personalized visuals for your ads, then make the most of it because nobody like blurry and pixelated images or a design that doesn’t make sense. When it comes to selecting photos for ads, there are a few best practices to follow such as using imagery which reflects the industry/topic of the content behind your ad. Avoid having too much copy on the image itself. Make sure your ads are going to be visually optimized, refer to these dimensions: For Facebook mobile or desktop and Instagram.

3. Budget That Is Too SMALL

It’s good to be safe especially when you’re just starting. But long term of not spending enough money will not bring any result. This is because the Facebook simply won’t show your ads to your target audience, especially if lots of advertisers are going after that very same audience.

4. Low Quality Ranking Scores for Facebook Ads

Your ads will be scored for their accuracy and relevance for the targeted audience. Ads that get approved but are still considered to be low quality if they are using clickbait, misleading, too much copy in the ad. Remember, if you do not want to be banned on Facebook, follow the rules and make sure our ads are relevant to what you’re selling.

5. Repeated Ads Violations

Facebook now allows you to review your previously disapproved ads to see which policies you’ve broken and why your ads weren’t approved. Use this opportunity to create a better ad campaign and if you’re finding this hard, you can always contact us at MECACA for more info!

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