Tips to Make Facebook Ads That Get Clicks (Part 2)

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Facebook Marketing is dynamic and it is very unique on its own. Facebook ads are by far the most amazing for businesses of all shapes and sizes compared to other platforms and tools. We learned how to structure effective Ad Copy in part 1 and let’s dive deeper into the wonders of Facebook ads and how to make it even better for your business. Let’s start with the mind of the consumers. 

5 Stages on How People Perceive Your Facebook Ads

  1. Your ads are online and people from your targeted audience start to see the ads.
  2. The ads are appealing because you structured it from the tips in Part 1. The ads stand out and appeal to people as they’re scrolling through their newsfeeds.
  3. Some of the people will take the time to view and read your ad like what they see. Once they’re interested, they’ll click on the ad or link inside of it. This is usually associated with an offer or call to action.
  4. They land on your landing page and see what you have to offer in further detail.
  5. Conversions take place when they follow through the customer journey. Often it will be submitting an email address for your guide or something similar to that. This could also include buying a product/service, watching a video, signing up for a class/events, etc.

Each of the five stages shown here are important to your overall success from the ads. If one of the early stages does not perform in the way you expected, it has a snowball effect which means you’ll get poor results in the later stages too.

Tips to Make Facebook Ads That Get Clicks

Now you have a clearer understanding of how your audience will respond. Incorporate these tips to make your Facebook ads better. Your digital marketing campaigns will definitely see changes after this!

  1. End with hook
    Leave them wanting more. People are more compelled to respond when they want it more. So make them curious with these examples “click to see how little we charge to fully redesign your kitchen”, “We are 10x cheaper than what you’re using now”. 
  2. Proper use of CTAs
    Good CTA copy typically begins with a verb that teases what the audience will encounter next: *Watch* the product in action *See* the high-res photos *Browse* the full menu etc.
  3. Guide on creative designs
    • Focus the product in action- Show the value of the product
    • Concise use of words- Add texts to reinforce the message
    • Match the aesthetic- Know your brand and platform colours 
  4. Represent your product in action
    If you’re selling a water machine, show them exactly how it works, if it’s software; show the dashboard. Don’t make people guess what you’re selling.

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