Guide to Rebranding in 2021: Rethinking Brand Direction

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There is a period in the existence of a company when a rebranding and brand redirection is needed for its continued success. However, rebranding could be a nerve-wracking process for business owners and everyone else involved. One of the many reasons is because a rebrand must engage with new audiences without losing contact with the existing customer base.

Failure to rebrand efficiently might ruin the entire trust, lost revenue, and your brand identity. In order to run a successful rebranding strategy, we listed down some important tips a company should keep in mind and follow.

Effective Tips for A Successful Rebranding in 2021

  • Create a better website

Your website is usually the very first place potential customers visit to know about your business. While many various factors affect the purchasing decisions of individuals, there is a single common factor driving almost every buying decision, can the customer trust your company?

According to the research, 75% of customers measure your business’s reputation and trustworthiness solely from your web design. That is why having a powerful, modern website design is important for the credibility of your company, your bottom line, and your future.

  • Constant update on social media

Consistency is the key in social media marketing. In order for your audience to recognize your brand, you must be consistent. Being consistent with your online branding enables you to increase engagement with the audience and reach. From the tone of voice used in communications to the appearance of your profiles to your content and posting, you need to be noticeable to gain attention with your target audience.

Be consistent in posting quality content on your social media networks. Each time you publish a post is another opportunity to reach new audiences and to have a strong online presence. Posting every day will strategically and consistently increase your organic reach.

  • Work with a reliable brand ambassador

When you’re trying to have your company’s message and brand out to the public, you certainly know the basics — content marketing, social media, email marketing, and such. One of the most powerful marketing tools is the word of mouth. So, working with a suitable brand ambassador can help you with your brand growth hack. 

Your brand ambassador is also your fan. They will draw their audience’s attention to your brand using their profile, what they do, say, and how they appear.

  • Improved customer experience

Customer experience is an important aspect of the business. That is because a customer is more likely to become a frequent and loyal customer who has a great experience with a company. In fact, a study found 74% of senior executives agree that consumer experience influences a consumer’s decision to be a loyal advocate.

If you want your customers to show loyalty and trust in your brand, you have to invest to provide them a great experience. You can improve your customer experience by simply being friendly in responding to their queries and properly addressing their concerns. 

  • Be sensitive to social stereotypes

Stereotypes are a sensitive topic for companies, and they may deliver positive or negative feedback. Stereotypes are generally determined through context; brands must proceed with caution when pursuing messaging. 

Gender roles, racial stereotypes, and stereotypes involving children are typical examples of stereotyping in marketing. The way groups of people are portrayed in marketing is not always fully represented in reality. Some brands are approaching cause-based marketing with the true purpose of breaking down barriers when promoting a cause, while others are merely capitalizing on a campaign to grab the audience. This dishonest approach may draw strong criticism from the community.

Plan Your Rebranding Today!

Planning your rebranding is not an overnight task and can be overwhelming if you’ll do it on your own. To help you develop a rebranding development plan that will enable your company to update its brand effectively, MECACA Global Network is always here to lend a helping hand. We are able to run a rebranding strategy successfully. Get in touch with us today and start your rebranding this year!

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