How SEO Blog Boost Your Website Ranking?

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Benefits of SEO Blogs to Your Website Ranking

SEO Blogs keeps your website alive. By actively making posts on the SEO Blogs, people will keep on viewing your website.

An SEO-friendly blog contains:

  • Optimized title, headings, paragraphs
  • Backlinks
  • Quality Content
  • Images or Videos (optional but highly recommended)
  • Simplified URL structure
  • Responsive design

Boosting your Website Ranking using SEO Blog Post

Boosting the website ranking is very important in digital marketing, so here are some of the steps on how to do it:

Device a marketing strategy

Every blog has its strategy on how they market their content. Strategies vary depending upon what content to market. Some of the strategies include:

  • Featuring an SEO blog in social media

Social Medias are widely used by many people, regardless of their gender, age, nationality, religion, and interests. Having SEO blog posts featured on social media contributes to the increase of the website visitors, which may boost your website ranking.

  • Applying appropriate SEO blog post length

With an enormous blog post length, you can put the keywords as much as you can. That’s the ideal, but it’s not that easy to create long blog posts, especially if you plan to post blogs frequently. At these times, you can use images and videos to your advantage, because SEO is now smarter, you can now market your content using images and videos.

The recommended length for SEO blog posts is 1700+ words, or you cut it to 1000+ if you can include images or videos to your post. Also, don’t forget to prioritize quality over quantity. Regardless of the length, your content must be worthy of the views it gains.

  • Keyword and Backlink research

Keywords and backlinks are two of the essential things needed in SEO. With the crafty use of keywords and backlinks, you could raise your website ranking in search engine result page and gain more visitors.

SEO grows from time to time. Keep in mind that your strategy should be aligned with the latest practices and trends.

Use SEO Tools

These tools will be your guide in making strategy and important decisions. They make use of your SEO blog data and convert it to visual graphs which are easy to understand. Most SEO tools help you with:

  • Keyword research
  • Backlink research
  • Rank Monitoring

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Leave it to the experts. Trusted digital marketing agencies are engaged in making SEO blogs for their client which helps their client’s website. MECACA Global Network optimizes its client’s website with the help of social media where they provide quality content which boosts website ranking. Visit us at MECACA Global Network and find out more!

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