What is a Facebook Community Page

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Facebook Community Page launched as a beta in April 2010. There have been quite a few speculations and confusion about Community Pages, how they are made, who decides the Community Pages you link to, and what content they provide.

Facebook Community Pages are a new type of page that allows you to see what things people are saying about you, and to discover friends and people who might have connections with you. It is close to every other Page you can connect to, even though they won’t produce stories in your News Feed.

Things you need to know about Facebook Community Page

According to Facebook, the goal and essence of Facebook Community Page are to give us, users, a way to learn more about a topic and see what others in the Facebook community are saying related to this topic. 

  1. When a topic becomes popular Facebook can take over it

Users can create other Community Pages, just as standard Pages are created. When creating a page you will see this message, “Generate support for your favorite cause or topic by creating a Community Page. If it becomes very popular (attracting thousands of fans), it will be adopted and maintained by the Facebook community.” So basically, Facebook can take control of it if you create a general topic page and it becomes very popular.

  1. Your Business Page can be recategorized as a Facebook Community Page at any time

Probably the most critical aspect for business users is that you can lose control of your Facebook Business Page at any time. If your page is recategorized as Community Page, you can appeal the decision to Facebook Support.

According to Entrepreneur.com, you can reduce the odds that Facebook will recategorize and take control of your Business Page by getting a vanity URL, updating your page regularly and actively working on the page.

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What is an Online Marketplace?

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Online shopping is a trend in today’s digital age. Small businesses were enabled to market their products and services online without the need to develop and maintain a website. All they have to do is find a reliable and excellent online marketplace where they can sell and manage their products. However, what exactly is an online marketplace?

Things to know about Online Marketplace

Online Marketplace is an online shop where a user can register as a third party seller to sell their products or provide their services on the website. The registered seller is allowed to manage their product listing and process transactions.

Common Features of Online Marketplace

These are the features you would likely see in most online marketplaces. Most of them are essential to have in an online marketplace and it includes:

User registration

Almost all eCommerce websites require users to create an account. Registering for an account on an online marketplace secures customer details and it saves returning customers from the hassle of re-entering all of their details every time they buy on the same online shop. Online marketplaces also have a feature where they recommend items to the user based on items he/she buys or views.

Registration for sellers

An online marketplace is a place for sellers to market their products and services. A seller account is essential for selling items in the online marketplace. Registering a seller account will allow the seller to manage their inventory, product details, and transactions. Some online marketplaces also feature business reports to help the seller to track their sales.

Product review and rating

This feature is made to help buyers to see if the item’s description is credible and to know what other buyers’ experience with the items they bought. It helps customers in making decisions and to avoid scams and online shop fraud.

Payment method options

There are various ways of processing payments in online shopping. The types of payment methods in most online shops include:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Credit card or debit card
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer
  • E-wallet

The product return or exchange

This feature allows customers to return or exchange items in case something wrong happened with ordering the item. A customer must submit a valid reason to process this kind of transaction. Then, the shop will offer a way to resolve the issue in which most cases will be by a refund.

Top Online Marketplaces in Malaysia

Here are some of the top online marketplaces in Malaysia.

  • Amazon
  • Shopee
  • eBay
  • Lazada
  • Mudah.my
  • 11street.my
  • Carousell
  • Lelong.my
  • Zalora

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5 Instagram Marketing Tips For 2020

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Instagram became the “it” social media platform for the past years and for more years to come. Not only has it proved itself to be one of the major social media platforms to help generate revenue through the use of ads, but Instagram has also been recognized as a major business market to sell products, after Facebook. Businesses using Instagram have successfully made almost $11 billion and are still counting using Instagram ads alone in the year 2019.

With a lot of creative possibilities, targeting opportunities, and personalization potential, the youth and user-friendly platform, Instagram offers the power to connect with influencers, break through the competitive noise, and build active engagements to the communities for the customers.

MECACA Global Network’s Top 5 Tips for Instagram Marketing

Here at MECACA Global Network, we collated the top 5 Instagram Marketing tips for the year 2020 to be your guide in promoting business and to be successful through one of the major social media platforms today. This includes the following: 

1. Learn your own Instagram Strategy

With Instagram’s different quirky filters, video streaming, storytelling features, meme-friendly editing tools, and easy to use on mobile phones, it’s the perfect platform for capturing those authentic little moments that introduce the human side of the business. However, before building the business brand’s profile and posting pretty and engaging pictures, give serious thoughts on how to perform Instagram activities so they contribute to the strategic social media marketing goals of your business.

2. Funnel Down Instagram Traffic to Website

One of the good things about having an Instagram account for business is that you can attract good traffic to your website. However, just be aware that you can only include a single clickable link in bio on the profile page. You can also give special offers and promotions to encourage followers to visit your website and make a purchase of what you offer. With the use of a strong call-to-action, you can engage more with your audience and convince them.

3. Be Creative

Beauty and quality always count on Instagram. You have to be creative about what you post. Publish the most appealing brand imagery and descriptions that can draw the viewers more deeply into the brand experience. 

4. Spread and Overcome

Even if there’s only a small number of Instagram’s billion monthly users posting updates and stories regularly, the brand’s efforts still need to reduce through a lot of content mess. Promoting posts on Instagram is as important as it is anywhere else on your own marketing strategies.

  • Get discovered through Hashtags

With the use of hashtags, you are letting people find you easily on Instagram to discover your content and learn more about you and what you offer.  

  • Make a budget for boosting performance

Paid promotions or boosting your post are another way to increase the business reach and engagement on Instagram. You can pay for promoted posts and display ads on Instagram’s regular content feed. As well you can promote content through placing ads on the Instagram Stories, which you can display the campaigns as image or video or both that viewers can click to view.

  • Work with Influencers

You can also work or partner up with influencers who can help you promote the business using their own content on Instagram. 

5. Throw an Instagram Contest and Offer Giveaways

One of the great ways to make a good engagement in Instagram is by throwing or hosting Instagram contests. You can have different ways how they could win the contest and the most common way is all they have to do is just leaving comments on your posts. 

Whether you share lavish photos, live streaming your most memorable moments, or inspire the viewers with the fun hands-on activities, Instagram is a great platform for putting a business brand’s best content assets on display.

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