Post Covid-19: Why Businesses Should Turn Digital?

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In the coming months and even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies will become more dependent on their digital strategies than ever before. Businesses have no choice but to re-examine their digital marketing strategy to survive this crisis.

The economic situation affects dramatically the way companies conduct their business and manage their employees. The sustainability of business seems difficult without the right technologies in place.

Digital marketing, like any other marketing strategy, has its pros and cons. Yet, particularly in this time of crisis, the benefits of digital marketing outweigh the downsides by far. So, here are some reasons why your business should turn digital today.

5 Reasons to turn your Business to Digital Post COVID-19

  1. Digital Marketing is more effective

One of the great things about digital marketing is that businesses can take advantage of it with any budget. Meaning, you don’t have to spend thousands of bucks to get started and see results.

Take advance of the current COVID-19 outbreak, where most of the people are at home and using their digital tools like social media. For an even smaller investment set up social media accounts or use email marketing to engage with your audience and encourage them to repeat purchases.

  1. Digital Marketing is data-driven and quick and easy to adjust

During this time you might still be thinking to invest in marketing that will not work because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With digital marketing, you can have the reports in real-time. Such reports can be very precise and let you concentrate on your goals for each campaign. Through this, you can find out what is working and what is not so that you can make changes instantly. 

  1. Reach an extremely large number of the target audience

No doubt we are living in a totally digital age even before the COVID-19 outbreak. With over 2.6 billion active users, almost all the people in the world are online all the time. Digital marketing offers companies an open opportunity to reach a vast array of prospects at local, national, and international levels.

  1. Build more credibility and authority

Even when people see a TV commercial, hear a radio ad, or read a print ad, they will surely do research on the internet for further information. This is exactly why digital marketing is so important today. 

Turning to digital marketing improves your presence online. It will ensure that your business appears in search queries when prospects seek out your products and services.

  1. Digital Marketing still effective even after COVID-19 ends

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, digital marketing is the top marketing strategy many businesses are following. It doubles when the lock down was implemented and people are staying and working from home. 

So, even when this pandemic ends, digital marketing is still and will always be the top marketing strategy. Businesses that don’t follow the “new normal” in this digital era will be left behind. 

If you want to be a step ahead of the competition, why not get in touch with MECACA Global Network? Our team of experts will provide you a strong digital marketing strategy that will make your business stand out from the rest! 

3 Top Ways for Businesses to Survive after the COVID-19 Crisis

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COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world’s economy really hard. It leaves many businesses struggling in its wake. In order to survive this storm, businesses must be prepared and make changes to their business marketing strategy. 

It’s very crucial to know what mode of recovery would look like once the economy returns to its normal state – the “new normal”. A lot of businesses are now using digital marketing and technology to survive these challenging times. So, here at MECACA Global Network, we listed down the top 3 ways to keep your businesses running even after the COVID-19 crisis.

3 Top Ways for Businesses to Survive after the COVID-19 Crisis

  1. Set up a social media account – keep it active

During this COVID-19 pandemic usage of social media particularly Facebook increases for the first month of lockdown alone. This means a lot, as in a lot, of people going online to keep them updated, connected, and entertained as they spend more time at home.

Take advantage of this opportunity to set up your social media accounts to engage with your audience. Social media platforms allow businesses to inform customers who they are and what they can offer even in this unprecedented time. You can also share information easily and quickly.

  1. Set up a website – if needed

If you are offering products and services, then you might consider setting up an e-commerce website. You can add features to be able to sell and book an appointment from your website. Selling and booking through the website is quick, easy, secure, and available to your customers 24/7.

The great advantage of this current crisis is that many are working from home. So, you can connect to a huge number of potential customers through your website. 

  1. Have a team to work on customer service – appoint a digital marketing agency

Now is the best time to make certain your content is up-to-date, images and social media posts are fresh and relevant. Optimize the presence of your social media platforms and keep up with your business development preparation.

If you find the “new normal” very challenging, we can work together to assist and provide you advice on how to digitally engage your audience. We can plan a strong social media marketing and set up an e-commerce website that drives the sale.

Here at MECACA Global Network, we have a team of skilled and experienced individuals in the field. We can help your business build your presence online and bounce back even after the COVID-19 ends.

Plan your Post COVID-19 Digital Marketing Strategy

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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, almost all companies in the world have to pause. It drastically changed the habits of consumers and businesses. Many of those habits will certainly persist even after the end of the pandemic. With most of the brick-and-mortar businesses are shutting down or slowing down, so business owners are taking advantage of digital marketing.

Companies must understand how the current crisis will affect a lot of things in the business. The best way to meet market demands is to identify your marketplace and customers’ needs. But remember, what is working before may not serve you well in the new normal or post COVID-19

You need to adopt a proactive approach and know what changes might happen. Be prepared to rapidly adjust your products, services, and digital marketing strategies to meet current and potential customer needs. Here are three important steps you must do to plan for your post COVID-19 digital marketing strategy.

3 Steps to Prepare for Post COVID-19 new normal world

  1. Gather insights

In this period of rapid change, conducting customer interviews, surveys, market analysis, or consumer reviews or other means is very important. Once you gather the data, it’s time to analyze them.

When communicating with your audience during this difficult time train yourself to converse with empathy. You have to be part of the solution during this crisis.

  1. Redistributing your investment for advertising

People spent more time following the news using Smart TV, watching audiovisual content, and using social media. It is time to re-budget, re-estimate, and plan the deployment of performance that goes hand in hand with de-escalation. Since online advertising plays an essential role in renewing post COVID-19 sales.

  1. Prioritize your product lines

COVID-19 has stepped up the demand in some sectors. Therefore the digital marketing strategies should be based on product lines from now on. This influences directly the e-commerce setup. It has to be adopted to reinforce even more popular products and to deliver the best shopping experience possible.

The product information and stock availability are more important than ever in driving sales and in improving organic ranking.

Post COVID-19 Digital Marketing Strategy with MECACA Global Network

People today rely on digital tools and social media networks to interact and stay connected to the outside world. Just like the world is changing its behavior and innovating, so your brands must too.

Creativity, relevance, and messaging are very important at this current pandemic crisis. The ones that fail to adapt to the new normal will be left behind. Planning for the unknown is challenging but it provides opportunities for those who are willing to accept them.

If you’re still unsure of what to do next, feel free to get in touch with MECACA Global Network. We will help you bounce back your online business to be able to embrace the new normal.